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A Train Ride, a Rodeo, a Ghost Tour, and a Book Signing!


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“Read, Write, Love: Romance is in the Air” Author/Reader Event


One day last fall, I was trying to figure out ways to promote my books. Since it was before Christmas, I thought of having a book signing at a local coffee shop, Camille’s Sidewalk Café. Due to illnesses, I was unable to connect with the manager of the café until it was too late to set anything up.

As I was talking with the manager in late November, I was struck with a brilliant idea. Considering the day I chose for the event, I think maybe I was hit with Cupid’s arrow. Anyway, when I realized Valentine’s Day fell on a Saturday, I said to Debbie, “How about if I get some local romance authors to come for a book signing.” valentine-s-cupid-17860187

As we continued talking, another idea hit me. What if we did more than a signing? What if I organized a three-hour event, complete with a scavenger hunt, a Q&A session and then a book signing. Well, Debbie knew someone, who knew someone, who knew a person who promotes romance authors. This connected me with Leagh Christensen, who contacted authors she knew from her business, Romance Novel Promotions. I, in turn, contacted local authors I knew.

Suddenly, I had eighteen authors interested in coming to the event now titled, “Read, Write, Love: Romance is in the Air.” I contacted those interested. Some found they couldn’t attend, but knew other authors who could. In the end I have sixteen authors from eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin attending. I’m looking forward to meeting these men and women. Some of them will be authors at the Midwestern Book Lovers Unite Reader and Author Convention in October.

nervous-child-imagen-little-40817364I’ve never organized anything like this before. I go from being nervous to excited to worried that no one will show up. I know that at least my daughter will be there. Whew!!!!

I’ve advertised in several magazines, who then printed articles on the event. With the help from the ladies of my writers’ group, we’ve put on flyers throughout the area. I’ll be on our local television station, WEAUTV 13, Eau Claire, tomorrow at 10:00. Afterwards I’m meeting two of my writer friends to put together small gift bags for the first 50 attendants, two baskets for drawings, the scavenger hunt questions for readers, and posters showing attendees where to go.

Today I have to organize my information for my television interview, write this blog, organize what I need to bring, not only for the event, but my own books I’m promoting. I keep telling myself everything will work out just fine. If I’ve forgotten to do something, people won’t know because they don’t know what I was supposed to bring!

Here is the link to the article in “Queen of the Castle,” page 47:
Link to article in “Volume One,” page 14:
Link to Midwestern Book Lovers Unite Convention:


Below are the names and links of the authors attending. Help promote them by visiting their websites, blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts and liking or following them.

Tina Susedik – Writes Contemporary Romantic Mystery
Twitter: @tinasusedik
Also on Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, Soul Mate Publishing

Books: Riding for Love
The Valentine’s Proposal, Short story in “My Sexy Valentine,” anthology
A Year and A Day, short story in All I Want for Christmas anthology

Sharon Balts – Writes Christian Historical Fiction
FB: Balts

Books: The Killing of Luther Dunn
The Protector
Black Mesa
Unrefined: A Hungry Hollow Tale

Stephanie Beck – Writes Erotic and Contemporary Romance
Books: Poppy’s Passion
Mary’s Men
Just one More
David’s Angel

Denise Devine – Writes Romantic Comedy (Sweet) and Inspirational Romance

Books: This Time Forever: An Inspirational Romance
Hot Shot
Merry Christmas, Darling

K.J. Farnham – Writes Humorous Contemporary

Books: Click Date Repeat

Beth M James – Writes Contemporary
Twitter: @AuthorBMJames

Books: Gitana: Life Plan

Anita Kidesu – Writes Erotic Romance

Books: South Seas Seduction to be released later in February

Helen Johannes – Writes Fantasy Romance

Books: Bloodstone
The Prince of Val-Feyridge

Rae Matthews – Writes Romantic Comedy
Amazon one click:
Twitter: RaeRaeMatthews
Instagram: rae.matthews

Books: Sahsa (Mixed Drinks Series: Book 1)

S.C. Mitchell – Writes Paranormal and SciFi Romance, Fantasy
Twitter: @authorsmitchell

Books: Swiftly Beats the Heart
There’s No Such Thing as Werewolves
Son of Thunder
reGenesis: Dark Awakening (Free copies of this one at the event!)

Ashlynn Monroe – Writes Erotic Romance, SciFi and Paranormal
FB: Facebook.comashlynnmonroeauthor

Books: Given
Captivated Desires
Reality Hero
Sex, Love, and Aliens

Debra Patrow – Writes Historical Fiction
Books: Acres of Bitterness

Michel Prince – Writes New Adult, Adult Paranormal, and Contemporary

Books: One Last Rodeo: A Red Hot and BLOOM! story
Kiss From a Rose
The Queen’s Heart
Shared Redemption (Frozen I)

Ginger Ring – Writes Contemporary, Historical, Erotica, Suspense
Twitter: https//twitter.comGingerRings

Books: Getting Down to Business
Getting Busy for Christmas
The Gangster’s Kiss (Love is a Dangerous Thing #1)

Bria Starr – Writes Contemporary Romance and New Adult
Website –
Facebook –
Tsu –
Twitter –
Pinterest –
Goodreads –
Amazon Author Page –
Your Exception:
Downward Spiral:

Books: Your Exception
Downward Spiral

Tina Ness – Writes Adult Contemporary Romance

Books: It Will Always Be You

Hazel St. James – Writes Contemporary Romance

Books: Let Me Fly – Learning to Let Go #1
I Need You – Learning to Let Go #2
Club Red – Learning to Let Go #3
Be Your Everything – Learning to Let Go #4
Fighting for You – Redemption #1
Being with You – Redemption #2
The One


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The Perfect Book. Wait. OMG. There are Errors?

Sometimes, no, let’s make that most of the time, writing and publishing can be frustrating. Just about the time you think you have things right, something happens. But more on that in a moment.

Uncle Bill's Farm - Front Cover redoneAlli’s and my first booksigning event for “Uncle Bill’s Farm” is in the record books. I loved telling people who stopped at our table that I wrote the book with my granddaughter. Getting Alli to talk was another thing. She can be shy, and when she did say something, it was hard to hear her.
One of things I had her do was sign the seventy-eight books I had with me. Then, of course, she made me sign them, too. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I’d sign them as they were bought. I did let her use my special pen a friend gave to me for signing books. IMG_9420

But, it turns out all that signing was for naught. Last week I picked up the proof for “Uncle Bill’s Farm.” Everything looked good except for a few borders the printer had to fix. I gave the go ahead for printing, and Friday I picked up the books. Because of all the political flyers and things Jim had to get done, he only had time to print seventy-eight books. Thank goodness for that.

IMG_9416Saturday morning came. I got all set up at the kids’ school and waited for my co-author. Alli and her friend came in, and the first thing they said was, “We found a mistake.” My stomach dropped. I felt ill. If there is one thing I can’t stand is having an error in one of my books. The mistake was on a page that I changed the wording. I used the words “the chickens” twice in one paragraph, decided to remove one and substitute the word “they.” I forgot to remove the word “the,” so the sentence had “the they” side-by-side. I was devastated, but Jim (the printer) said it was an easy fix.

Then last night my daughter called me to tell me she found three errors. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! One was one I knew I had fixed before the proof printing, one was the mentioned above and one was one nobody had found—except Becca. I tossed and turned all night worrying about how the one error had shown up in the printed books, but wasn’t in the proof. How were we going to fix the others? What would people think when they saw the mistakes?

This morning I had to send the printer the file for “The Hat Peddler,” via an on-line transfer site. I couldn’t get the darn thing to work. I was still obsessing about the errors in the other book and worrying “The Hat Peddler” wasn’t perfect. The night before I read the text frontward and backward—twice. TheHatPeddlerCoverRevised

Then I found the proof to “Uncle Bill’s Farm,” and low and behold, the first mistake was correct on the proof. Since I couldn’t send Jim the file, I drove thirty miles to his office with proof and new book in hand. Neither one of us could figure out what happened, but we think he may have printed from the wrong file.

I believe there is a reason for everything. Since he hadn’t bound any of the additional books, yet, I was able to make the corrections, and give him a new file. He’s printing the three new pages and inserting them in the book before cutting and binding. Yay. “Uncle Bill’s Farm” should now be error free.

I have a good idea on who bought the book over the past few days. They are all going to get the new version. Friday I pick up the new books along with “The Hat Peddler.” Now all I have to do is get rid of that nagging knot in my stomach, get Alli to sign books again, and get some sleep.
To order both books go to:

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Local Authors at the Fair

Every year the small city of Bloomer, Wisconsin has a fair. It’s not a county or state fair, but simply a fun, small fair. Rides for all ages, concessions, farm animals, tractor pulls, bands, food, merchant booths, food, cotton candy, popcorn, food. Did I mention food? Food made by churches, youth groups and Lion’s Clubs.

Riding for Love CoverOver the years, I’ve had a booth for my books. Usually I’m there gathering information for another history book. People bring in pictures and stories and I take them right there at the fair. I’ve also sold many history books.

The past few years I haven’t done one because I didn’t have a new book out. With “Riding for Love” coming out in paperback, I thought it was a good idea to participate again. So I signed up for a booth. Then reality hit – or maybe it was my age. I’m going to sit at the booth for three and a half days, by myself, not collecting information, not scanning pictures, but sitting – hoping to sell enough books to cover my costs. COVER

MichelleBookThen one morning I had one of those “aha” moments. Why not invite other local authors to join me? We could split the costs, split the time sitting and having another author with us to kill time. I contacted a few authors I knew and lo and behold – there are six of us bringing our books. Maybe this will be the start of an annual event and we can have other local authors join us. Tessa book cover

bookBetween the six of us we’ll have fifteen different books. I’ll also have some of my photography displayed, including my photo cards. Luther Dunn cover photo

Now I’m excited. Not only will the time I spend sitting at the booth be less, but while there, I’ll have the opportunity to visit with other authors. I’ll be joined by Michelle Rayburn, Deb Waite, Deb Patrow, Melissa Wiltrout and Sharon Balts. Just a few of our books are posted here.

One of my photos.

One of my photos.

Here’s to a fun weekend and lots and lots of sales.

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Friend publishes: “Cat Tales: Mews by Gracie”

As I have mentioned several times in my blogs, I have a wonderful group of writer friends. We attend meetings and conferences. We support each other in our ups and downs, not only in our writing, but in our personal lives, too. Most of us have been together since the late 90s, so we’ve seen and been through a lot together.

One of the best things is the excitement from all of us when one of us succeeds. This past year Beth M. James (author of Gitana) and I had our first romances published. Deb Waite had an article printed in Tea Time Magazine. We celebrated this at our recent retreat.

Deb also just published “Cat Tales, Mews by Gracie.” For years Deb’s mother has suffered from SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, where people become extremely depressed during the dark, cold, winter months. To cheer her up, Deb wrote letters to her mother from the point of view of Gracie, one of Deb’s cats. Deb has a wonderful sense of humor and it shines through in these letters, which she finally compiled into her book.COVER

The book is illustrated by Cheryl Peick, a talented college junior, majoring in graphic design. Her concepts from mind to pen are uncanny. In one picture, you see a hand petting the top of the cat’s head. The expression on Gracie’s face tells it all. As one member of our group said, “I can actually hear the cat purring.”

Deb is having her first book signing this weekend at a craft fair we will both be attending. I look forward to being part of this exciting day for her.

If you’re interested in purchasing this book (which I highly recommend) please e-mail her at The book is $14.99 + $2.50 s/h
Here is an excerpt from “Cat Tales:”

January – Pushy Kitty

Hi Grandma!
It was so nice of you to come visit me and Maggie. I’m the little black cat – remember? I have short hair and a small heart shaped face. Maggie is light and dark gray surrounding by a sea of white. She has long soft fur with HUGE paws and face.

We didn’t get a chance to talk very much because I’m so shy. Maggie and I were little lost souls and were found and brought to a place called the Shelter. Our human parents, Mom and Dad, are so much fun and we love our new home.

We don’t miss the outside because our house has lots of windows to watch the birds and squirrels just as I had hoped. It actually is easier being inside because I don’t think me or my sister would know what to do with the birds and squirrels if we caught one!

My Mom thinks I’m a pushy little girl because I watch Maggie in the litter box. I do this because she is so messy. She said I must not watch Maggie while she in there because it makes Maggie feel uncomfortable. (Actually, I was chasing her out of box not just watching—shhhh). I now watch from a distance and make sure she is not pushing too much litter out of the box. My Mom says Maggie looks like she is “digging a hole to China”.

Maggie is messy with something else too – – her food. She sticks her left front paw in the food, and scoops it out onto the floor. When she does this in front of Mom, Mom’s forehead looks really wrinkly!

Maggie has been a good sister by listening to some of my tales. She thinks I am a jabberbox with lots of stories to tell.

Maggie likes to lie on her stomach and expose her belly but she doesn’t want anyone to touch it. Isn’t that silly? I like to have my belly rubbed. Mom says my belly is squishy!
Maggie and I get brushed every day. It feels so good! Mom says she gets enough fur from each of us to make another Gracie and Maggie. Does that mean we’ll be twins?

Well, I’ll have to go now since Maggie wants to play. I truly wish she wouldn’t sit on my tail. If you would please make note of our birthdays being on August 15th we would appreciate it. Mom says we might get some fun toys.

Mom said it was okay to write. Mom said that you feel down and blue during the winter. She said you feel sad (and that there is a condition called SAD), and that the lack of light makes you feel that way. Is it dark all day where you live? Maybe we can share some of the ways we keep busy until we can sit in the widow and watch the birds in the summer when there is lots of light during the day!

When Maggie and I are done playing, I will go down to the basement and sleep under the couch.

Love Gracie (and Maggie)

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