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The Trail to Love is on Sale!

The Trail to Love 3a Final_505x825
Today through the 18th, my award-winning historical romance, The Trail to Love, is on sale on Amazon for $.99. This would make a great gift for the historical romance reader in your life – or for yourself.
The Trail to Love  is part of The Soul Mate Tree Collective. It took first place in The International Digital Awards, something I’m quite proud of. It has also received many five-star reviews including from Uncaged Reviews who said:

“Loved the story and the characters who are well developed. The Trail is not easy on Sarah but she holds her own. Then we have Horace who wants to cause problems as she is a Widower and we know how “they” are. It was nice to see Jack and Sarah slowly come to love each other and Jack adores her son as well.

A great plot and an author I would like to read again. Reviewed by Babs

5 Stars”

Here’s the link: http://a.co/bhIkgPm


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Local Authors at the Fair

Every year the small city of Bloomer, Wisconsin has a fair. It’s not a county or state fair, but simply a fun, small fair. Rides for all ages, concessions, farm animals, tractor pulls, bands, food, merchant booths, food, cotton candy, popcorn, food. Did I mention food? Food made by churches, youth groups and Lion’s Clubs.

Riding for Love CoverOver the years, I’ve had a booth for my books. Usually I’m there gathering information for another history book. People bring in pictures and stories and I take them right there at the fair. I’ve also sold many history books.

The past few years I haven’t done one because I didn’t have a new book out. With “Riding for Love” coming out in paperback, I thought it was a good idea to participate again. So I signed up for a booth. Then reality hit – or maybe it was my age. I’m going to sit at the booth for three and a half days, by myself, not collecting information, not scanning pictures, but sitting – hoping to sell enough books to cover my costs. COVER

MichelleBookThen one morning I had one of those “aha” moments. Why not invite other local authors to join me? We could split the costs, split the time sitting and having another author with us to kill time. I contacted a few authors I knew and lo and behold – there are six of us bringing our books. Maybe this will be the start of an annual event and we can have other local authors join us. Tessa book cover

bookBetween the six of us we’ll have fifteen different books. I’ll also have some of my photography displayed, including my photo cards. Luther Dunn cover photo

Now I’m excited. Not only will the time I spend sitting at the booth be less, but while there, I’ll have the opportunity to visit with other authors. I’ll be joined by Michelle Rayburn, Deb Waite, Deb Patrow, Melissa Wiltrout and Sharon Balts. Just a few of our books are posted here.

One of my photos.

One of my photos.

Here’s to a fun weekend and lots and lots of sales.

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Brainstorming Can Fry the Brain

I love most parts of writing, but to me, one of the most fun is brainstorming. When I was a teacher, I loved teaching my students to brainstorm. Give me a problem with a story line and my mind just starts jumping around  faster than I can get the ideas out of my mouth. I’m not saying all the ideas are great, but the rule with brainstorming is not to reject any of them. I’ve asked for help from my writer friends, as well as offered them. It’s amazing how someone can come up with the simplest thought to change an entire story, tie things together or finish the book with a flourish.

Yesterday morning I met with a friend whom I recently found out was a closet romance writer. I’ve known her for a while and lately we have become good friends. She has helped me with some problems with one of my books now at a publisher, but she never said a word. It wasn’t until we were driving to a local craft store that she admitted she was writing a book – not only a book, but a romance. Holy cow, was I surprised – and excited.

I usually swim on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6 to 7. Yesterday I had another short appointment at 8:30, so I asked her if she wanted to meet at the coffee shop in between. She agreed and asked if I would look over what she’d written so far. It always makes me nervous when people ask me to do this. What do I say if it’s horrible? Luckily, what she’d written so far was very good. I went to my appointment and said I would come back because forty-five minutes is just not enough time to catch up on our lives and talk about writing.

Then we started brainstorming. What fun! Ideas were bouncing back and forth and like always, I’d get an idea, start saying it and then think of another one before I finished talking. A little after ten I finally said I needed to get home and get some writing done. The enjoyment of the morning and knowing she is working hard on her book stayed with me the entire day and through today. I’m hoping she will join our writer’s group and find out what happens when you get eight or nine women brainstorming – her brain may fry.

She just texted me with a new book idea. Sorry brain, here I go again!

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