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Romantic Times Convention Day One

This is going to be short tonight. Day one of the Romantic Times Convention in Dallas, Texas is coming to a close­ – at least for Beth and I. I’ve been awake since about three this morning. We left Beth’s for the airport at 4:30. Flight from Minneapolis was uneventful. I actually got some writing done. Spent an hour on the shuttle from the airport to the hotel – not so much fun.

IMG_9972Since the convention doesn’t officially start until tomorrow morning, Beth and I got settled into our room, then walked to the historic downtown district of Dallas. The view from out room includes the Book Depository where Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy in November, 1963, so we decided to walk the area. We went through the museum created in the Book Depository.

It was very interesting and moving for me as it brought up the memories of that awful time. I was in tears a few times. There is an X painted on the street where the car Kennedy was riding in was IMG_9962located when he was shot. I probably shouldn’t have, but I stepped into the street, stood on the X, and took a picture of the sixth floor where the shots were fired. Of course I made sure there were no cars coming.

Window where shots were fired is second from the top on the right.

Window where shots were fired is second from the top on the right.


So our first day is over. I’m exhausted. Tomorrow is a jammed-packed day. Night.


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