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I Have a New Website!!!!

A Photograph of Love PromoThis past month has been a busy one for me. A book release; trip to Deadwood, South Dakota; trying to figure out my new radio show ( I haven’t yet chosen a date); spending time with family; biking where I injured my hand from another biker. The hand has slowed me down some, but not too much. I can still type, just not as fast as I usually do.

The big news, though is my new website. My PA at Poised Pen Productions, built a new one for me. For months, I haven’t been able to access my old one, so I bit the bullet and Teresa work on it for me. I love it. It’s simple, easy to maneuver. All my books with links are on it. I can blog from there. There is a list of places and events I will be at. I’ll be updating my progress on each book I’m working on. The most recent is “Missing My Heart,” for the Chandler County Series.18319191_10209026490795724_2899235099060937657_o

We added a new feature – “Fun Stuff” where I will add pictures from events I’ve been too, speeches I’ve given, and friends I’ve met. And pictures of nature I’ve taken over the years. I love photography – especially nature photography.

Please stop by my new website and follow me. http://www.tina-susedik.com

Until the next time.


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Ranchers, Rustlers, and Romance: “A Photograph of Love” is Live

This past few weeks have been crazy trying to keep up with all the social media for other author’s books that have been released in the various series or collectives I’m part of. Some days I don’t know if I’m coming or going.

Hell Yeah

The most recent group I was asked to write for was Sable Hunter’s Hell Yeah! Kindle World series. Sable created her characters and world several years ago and began asking authors to join her world. The only rule was we had to tie in characters from her original world. Last fall I was asked to join the Hell Yeah! KindleWorld, and “A Photograph of Love” was created. I tied Presley Love Saucier and her husband Zane. I also brought in a couple more characters.

A Photograph of Love

But the main characters in my book are Lincoln Phister and Trudy Selucas. When Lincoln’s parents died while he was in college, he left school to keep up their family ranch and raise his younger siblings. His dream of becoming a photojournalist, along with his camera and photos were buried in his past. Now, ten years later, his heart not in ranching, his siblings are ready to take over and give Link the chance to pursue his dream. But at this point in his life, he’s not sure he is able to do this.

Trudy Selucas has worked as a home hospice nurse for too long. Burned out from helping people pass on, she’s ready for a much needed vacation. So when her college friend, Presley, invites her to visit Texas and spend time taking pictures, she jumps at the chance.

Trespassing and a chance encounter with a snake, bring Trudy and Link together – even though he thinks she’s a city slicker and she thinks he’s a bitter, angry man. Both are wrong. Can they find their own “Photograph of Love?”

Buy Link: Amazon: http://a.co/1VdSkfZ

Tag: Can an angry rancher and a burned-out hospice nurse find their own photograph of love while searching for cattle rustlers?

Excerpt:  “Who are you?” She scooted away, then stopped and looked down at her exposed torso. “What the hell did you do to me?”

“I didn’t do anything except kill that rattler snoozing beneath your . . . um . . .” He pointed to her ass, before turning his back and stepping away. “You may want to cover yourself.”

A pile of equipment lay a few steps away. He knew what he’d find. Like all the others who came out here, she was probably taking pictures. He toed the backpack. Sure enough. Sitting beside the bag was a camera and tri-pod. A shiver of irritation slid through him.

Must be nice to be able to wander around and take pictures all day. He’d love to be able to do that, but since he’d inherited the ranch and younger siblings when his parents died ten years ago, there’d been no time. Maybe she was on vacation. Vacations, kids, and ranching didn’t go hand-in-hand. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had more than a few hours off.

“Ugh. I’m covered in . . .” She paused a moment. “…snake guts?”

“’Fraid so.” Her face was red. Embarrassment or sunburn? Both?

“Can you hand me a towel from my backpack?”

With a deep sigh, he unzipped the bag. Three small canisters of film rolled to the ground. Huh. A purist. Someone who still took photos the old-fashioned way. His hand touched something hard. Huh. He pulled out another digital camera. He recognized the brand name and whistled between his teeth. Must be nice to be able to afford two cameras. He glanced at the one on the ground. Two expensive cameras. He dug further into the backpack. And lenses to go with them. If he had the time and money . . .

“It’s in the other pocket.”

With reluctance, he replaced the camera, opened the larger pouch, and found a small piece of white fabric.

“You call this a towel?” he said, keeping his back to her, tossing the cloth over his shoulder, hoping he’d sent it in the right direction.


Trudy caught the towel he’d pitched over his shoulder one handed. Could she simply crawl under a flower and die? Wait, that’s what almost happened. It was coming back to her now. The damn rattler. But how had this man found her? She didn’t seem hurt anywhere, so he hadn’t done anything to her except kill that damn rattler.

“I use it to shade my lens against sunlight.”

Now she was covered in blood and guts. But at least she was alive. She hadn’t been sure how much longer her legs would have held up if he hadn’t come along. They’d been getting shakier and the damn rattler more upset.

She cleaned herself off the best she could. There would be no more pictures taken today. As soon as she got back to Presley’s, she’d take a shower and throw away every stitch of clothing she wore.

“I’m decent now.” While wiping off the blood, she couldn’t help but notice his broad shoulders beneath a long-sleeved, chambray shirt tucked into well-worn jeans. Dark brown hair hung to his shoulders beneath a well-used, sweat-stained, gray cowboy hat. But when he faced her and tipped his hat back, she got a good look at his features.

Her breath caught. If Tom Selleck had a twin brother, it would be this man. Dark eyebrows, a bushy mustache, light brown eyes, a dent in his chin, and she’d bet her bottom dollar he’d have dimples if he smiled.

Scarred, brown leather chaps encased slim hips and muscular thighs. She was not, no she wasn’t, going to look at his crotch, but, damn, in her mind, chaps were meant to highlight a man’s goods. Instead she drew her eyes from the hunk in front of her and took in the snake carnage littering the ground.

“I guess I should thank you for saving my life. I’m not sure how much longer my legs would have held out.” She closed her eyes to the mess. “Every time I so much as flexed a muscle the damn rattler started shaking its tail.”

The man didn’t say anything, just kept his arms folded over his chest and stared.

Trudy took a step toward him and reached out her hand. “I’m Trudy Selucas.” When he didn’t offer his hand, she wiped her palms on her shorts. “Well, anyway, thanks.”

“You’re trespassing, you know.”

Shit. She’d been warned to stay off private property, but in her interest in the landscape, she must have missed any posted signs. Maybe there weren’t any. “I didn’t see any signs.”

He yanked his hat back down, shading his features. “Well, they’re there. Not to mention the barbwire fence you had to have climbed over, or under, to get on my property.”

“I saw a fence, but it was cut, so I thought it was all right to go through.”

A Photograph of Love Promo

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Local Authors at the Fair

Every year the small city of Bloomer, Wisconsin has a fair. It’s not a county or state fair, but simply a fun, small fair. Rides for all ages, concessions, farm animals, tractor pulls, bands, food, merchant booths, food, cotton candy, popcorn, food. Did I mention food? Food made by churches, youth groups and Lion’s Clubs.

Riding for Love CoverOver the years, I’ve had a booth for my books. Usually I’m there gathering information for another history book. People bring in pictures and stories and I take them right there at the fair. I’ve also sold many history books.

The past few years I haven’t done one because I didn’t have a new book out. With “Riding for Love” coming out in paperback, I thought it was a good idea to participate again. So I signed up for a booth. Then reality hit – or maybe it was my age. I’m going to sit at the booth for three and a half days, by myself, not collecting information, not scanning pictures, but sitting – hoping to sell enough books to cover my costs. COVER

MichelleBookThen one morning I had one of those “aha” moments. Why not invite other local authors to join me? We could split the costs, split the time sitting and having another author with us to kill time. I contacted a few authors I knew and lo and behold – there are six of us bringing our books. Maybe this will be the start of an annual event and we can have other local authors join us. Tessa book cover

bookBetween the six of us we’ll have fifteen different books. I’ll also have some of my photography displayed, including my photo cards. Luther Dunn cover photo

Now I’m excited. Not only will the time I spend sitting at the booth be less, but while there, I’ll have the opportunity to visit with other authors. I’ll be joined by Michelle Rayburn, Deb Waite, Deb Patrow, Melissa Wiltrout and Sharon Balts. Just a few of our books are posted here.

One of my photos.

One of my photos.

Here’s to a fun weekend and lots and lots of sales.

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The Taping of Christmas Movies – Oops

IMG_8254 redoneI believe it was last year that I decided to watch and review romantic movies. Since I don’t watch a lot of movies, this proved to be a challenge. I managed to review two. Plus, with all the things that happened this year (good and bad) , I found I never watched another one. To name a few, the release of Riding for Love, my husband and I are back as owners of our business, family obligations, editing my next book, writing A Year and a Day for Soul Mate Publishing’s All I Want for Christmas is a Soul Mate, promotions, speeches, and working on my photography. I hope you enjoy some of my photos here.

This fall when the Hallmark channel started promoting their Christmas shows, I thought it would be a good time to get back into the groove of reviewing movies. I love Christmas movies. Some are too sappy for words, some happy and a few sad enough to bring me to tears. I’m not sure how many I’ve watched so far, but most have been good. There have only been two that I watched for a bit and then quit. One I pressed on to the end and wondered why I wasted my time. Who thought a dog saving Christmas was a good idea? IMG_3268 redone

When I started taping and watching the shows, I was vigilant in making sure I taped a few, then watched the same amount I taped and deleted them so I wouldn’t fill up our DVR. I thought I had it all under control. Oops.

Two weekends ago my husband was deer hunting in another state. This was a good chance for me to catch up on the movies. Thursday night I watched two and taped two. Friday night I watched three and taped three – or so I thought. Oops.

088 redoneSaturday was a particularly lousy day outside. Drizzly, snowy, windy. The type of weather that makes me want to drink hot chocolate, eat popcorn and watch sappy movies. I turned on the tv, clicked on the DVR and started scrolling through our taped shows. Oops.

It only took me a second to realize the only things on the DVR were Christmas movies. OMG. Where were our new season NCIS shows? Castle? White Collar? Joe Bonamassa concert? Nature shows? Al’s hard rock shows? Oops.

Evidently there is a setting on the DVR (one I didn’t know about) that allows you to say that if you are taping a show and the DVR is full, it will quit taping the show – NOT DELETE THE SHOWS ALREADY TAPED!!!!!!
Somehow I must have clicked on a few more Christmas movies to tape than I thought. All our previously recorded shows were gone. I quickly went to the Hallmark channel and un-clicked the movies I didn’t know I set to record.

Then I had to fess up to Al about what happened. He was silent for a moment and then shook his head, not surprised that I’d do something like that. Luckily he has a good sense of humor, although I think he’s a little upset about the Joe Bonamassa concert being deleted. IMG_3260 redone

So now I’m only taping one show at a time or watching in real time. Our favorite show are being recorded again – but we will have to wait for re-runs of NCIS to see the first three episodes.

But the saga continues. Last night I watched part one of Love’s Christmas Journey. I thoroughly enjoyed it with its plot twists and turns, western period setting and good acting. After it was over, I had plenty of time to watch part two before bed. I went to the DVR menu and scrolled down. Once. Twice. Three times. No recorded part two.

I then went to the Hallmark channel and clicked all the way through the days to November 29th. Did I find part two? Nope. I guess it was one I un-recorded in my haste to get our favorite shows by on the DVR. IMG_8167 redone

I guess maybe I’m not meant to watch a lot of movies and review them. Or maybe I’m DVR challenged. Or maybe both. Either way I tried my best. I will start posting some reviews this week – I hope.

Until the next time, have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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