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My 20th Book Release is Today!!!

Today I have many things to be thankful for: my husband of nearly forty-five years, my two children and their spouses, my five wonderful, fun grandchildren, a warm home to live in, food to eat, friends to enjoy, and so many more.
 Missing my Heart eBook award winning authorToday I’m also thankful for my twentieth book release. I find it hard to believe I’ve written that many books – well, actually I’ve written more than that, but this is my twentieth published book, with many more to come.
“Missing My Heart” is a Chandler County Mystery set in fictional Chandlerville and Bourbonville, Kentucky. I came up with the story idea when, about thirty years ago, I was vacuuming my living room. When my grandmother had died, I got this metal horse that had been my grandfather’s. It was sitting on an end table. Somehow the vacuum cord got tangled up. I snapped it to straighten it out and knocked over the horse sending it to the floor. The saddle came off, something I didn’t know would happen. A bunch of sawdust came out.IMG_2491
It took about five seconds to come with the idea of, instead of sawdust, notes fell out. Mysterious notes. The heroine, Ellie Farrell, in my story would have to solve the mystery of the notes. This idea, which has been stuck in my head for all this time, is finally done.
Blurb: Bourbonville, 1975
After the death of the grandmother Ellie Farrell had lived with since she was sixteen, she is tasked with the job of cleaning out the over-packed house. When Ellie begins to find love notes and money from a Burt to Randi spanning over four decades, she sets out to find out who these people are and what they have to do with her. An unexpected check for $100,000 dollars delivered to her house, ramps up the mystery – especially when death threats begin to arrive.
Patton Trullinger, an investigative reporter, comes to Chandler County to research bootleggers for a book he’s contracted for. As a Vietnam veteran, he’s dealing with PTSD. When he meets Ellie, he finds her mystery too good to pass up.
Who are Burt and Randi? Who is sending death threats? Will Ellie and Patton’s love bloom as the mystery deepens?
Missing My Heart It's Live
Here is how Ellie finds the notes:
The vacuum cleaner roared, overpowering Eleanore Farrell’s confusing thoughts. Shaped like a silver bullet, heavy to maneuver, and loud enough to drown out the roar of a 747, Ellie figured it was built around the time of the first rocket launch. It certainly looked like something from outer space. Every week as she cleaned the house she and her grandmother had shared, Ellie had tried to convince her to replace the monstrosity. But her grandmother’s words echoed in her mind, “If isn’t broke, why replace it.”
Careful not to bump the antique furniture packed into the stuffy, pink living room, Ellie gave the too-short cord a yank, pulling it from the wall plug. The cord flipped through the air, snapping like a lion tamer’s whip. Ellie leapt over the couch to grab a priceless lamp standing helpless in the way of the wild, snake-like creature. Her foot snagged on the coffee table and with a resounding thud her grandmother’s absolute favorite treasure fell to the pink and red floral, carpeted floor.
‘The Horse.’ Not just any horse, but a heavy brass horse, complete with saddle and a chain for reins. Bright from Miranda’s weekly polishing, the horse now lay on its side, its bottom glowing in the lamplight. For the first time in her twenty-eight years of life, Ellie finally knew ‘The Horse’ was male.
She sat cross-legged on the floor, leaned over and reached out her hand, then drew back. As long as she could remember, ‘The Horse’ had been off limits. The last time she’d dared touch it, she’d been four and had been soundly whopped on her rear for her disobedience. Everyone knew you never, ever touched ‘The Horse.’
Where to find Missing My Heart:

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Friday at Romantic Times – Release Day

Once again, I was up too late last night to blog and Friday, day five in this journey, is over. My release day for Riding for Love was another eventful one. After donning our release-day t-shirts, we headed to the other hotel and a morning “Fountain City Jazz Club Morning Mixer,” hosted by several well-known authors. To the sounds of a jazz band, we sipped champagne, ate 007
some delicious food, talked with authors and of course, received books. Then it was off to more workshops.

Our shirts were a hit and helped me pass out our postcards. I found out that a release day is also a birthday and was greeted throughout the day with “Happy Birthday.” I thought this was pretty neat, as I can start over with birthday number 1 instead of adding years onto my number . . .well never mind. 015

One of my goals for the day was to get my picture taken with some of my favorite authors. Of course that meant I didn’t see any of them. Finally, as Beth and I waited for the last big event of the day, I was able to have my photo opportunities. Besides Victoria Alexander and Randi Alexander, I had a shot taken with Kathryn Falk, founder of Romantic Times.

The evening’s event was Heather Graham’s Freaky Friday Dance, where people could dress up as goblins, ghouls, werewolves, shift shapers or whatever they wished. I had my picture taken with Scott, one of the male models. These guys, while good-looking and built like. . . use your imagination . . . are very nice. What was amazing was watching Scott laughing one second and in the next change his expression to eerily stern, then back to laughing again. It was my release day gift to myself.

We ended the day toasting to our books in the hotel bar. For our issues with our bathroom, we were given some gift certificates to use in the bar. We then hit the sack – again very late.

So, our last day in Kansas City begins. More workshops, more free books, more parties. Somewhere in there we have to pack and load our van to hit the road bright and early Sunday morning. Tonight will be a much earlier night and hopefully I can blog tonight.009

Until then.

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Day Three – Trip to Romantic Times Convention – What a Day!

It’s getting late and day one of the Romantic Times Convention, and day three of my trip is almost over. And, man, what a day! It started, after a few issues with our room, with my checking my e-mails and finding out my book, “Riding for Love,” was released today instead of Friday. I was sitting in the lobby of the hotel (they charge way too much to use the wifi in the left room), when I read the message. My hands started shaking, my heart picked up speed and, of course I started crying. When I checked Amazon and saw the book, I really wanted to jump up and let out a whoop. I think the lady next to me would have grabbed her young kids and run. I e-mailed everyone, posted it on Facebook and rushed back to the room to tell Beth.

Since I was already dressed for the day and too nervous to change clothes, I decided to keep my Friday schedule of wearing my shirt saying my book was released. I found it amazingly easy to tell people that my book had been released this morning, and Beth and I had fun handing out our postcards about or books. We even had several people tell us they’d already picked up our 004007cards in the promo room. That was cool.

The workshops were excellent, but I think I’m burned out with all the marketing ones I attended. It’s a daunting task trying to decide how to promote my book. I just hope I can read all my notes when I get home. I had my picture taken this morning with 025Jude Deveraux, one of my favorite authors. I felt like a giant next to her. We’ve received quite a few books and a lot of “swag” – you know, the junk you pick up at conferences that you think you want at the time and then when you get home you what wonder what the heck you were thinking.

There were two parties tonight, one a disco party. We didn’t stay long – we’re exhausted.

We’ve had a few issues with our room. Last night we had to have our bathroom cleaned. Hair in the frig, hair in the shower and streaks of soap scum on the shower walls were pretty disgusting. Then last night when I climbed into bed, (which are quite comfortable) I felt something weird at the foot of the bed. I was afraid maybe I’d find a pair of dirty socks or something, so I got up and pulled back the sheets. The bottom sheet didn’t cover the entire mattress. My feet were touching some felt pad. Yuck! I pulled out the top sheet and flipped it over so my feet would touch the sheet instead of the pad. I didn’t get much sleep, worrying about where my feet were. When I told Al, my husband, about it, he said I was short-sheeted.

Then this morning, when Beth made coffee, we ended up with coffee everywhere. The pot had a leak. We were given a new pot, my bed was fixed and we were given a free room for one night. So something good came of it.
Before supper, strange sounds came from the bathroom. It sounded as if someone was flushing the toilet and the toilet did like it. We crept to the door. I bravely wielded the remote as Beth flung the door open and checked the shower and toilet. Nothing. We’ll see what happens tonight. Better not be a ghosts.

Better head down to the lobby and get this posted.
Until tomorrow.


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