Author Interview – Joanne Guidoccio – Countdown to her New Release

ONE MORE DAY: Today I’m happy to have Joanne Guidoccio on my blog for her countdown to her new release, A Season for Killing Blondes. This cozy mystery will be released tomorrow, June 12 with The Wild Rose Press. I will definitely be ordering it and look forward to reading it. Make sure to click on the link for her trailer, then the link for her Rafflecopter for chances to win a $25.00 Amazon gift card.


How did you choose the genre you write? When I started writing short stories and novels, I found it difficult to classify my work. I knew I wasn’t writing traditional science fiction, thrillers, or romance. Instead, my work was a blend of several genres that later morphed into a form of contemporary women’s fiction. But even that classification didn’t fully satisfy me. It wasn’t until late 2012 that I found a more appropriate moniker – boomer lit.

What is boomer lit? It is a sub-genre that features older protagonists and addresses such themes as dating after divorce or widowhood, giving birth after age forty, dealing with multiple generations living in the same house, and launching second (third or fourth) careers. As I get older, I find I enjoy identifying, reading, and writing about older characters. Love and romance spans all ages.

What are your outside interests? When I retired in 2008, I was determined to carve out a very different life for myself, a more balanced life with yin/yang balance. While writing occupies the lion’s share of my time, I also enjoy reading, yoga, scrapbooking, blogging, movies, Toastmasters, artist dates, and meeting friends for leisurely brunches and lunches.

What is on your desk right now? My work has spilled over onto two desks in two separate rooms. In my writing space, I have WIP files, a Pocket Oxford Dictionary, a calendar, a notepad, and my phone. The desk in my den has a potpourri of items: Toastmaster manuals, promotion binders, Writer’s Digest and RWA magazines, scattered business cards and receipts, and an abacus.

Are you a morning, afternoon or night person? Having experimented with different schedules, I have come to the conclusion that I am a hybrid: late morning/early afternoon. I like to be at my writing space by 9:00 a.m. but usually spend thirty to forty-five minutes on Social Media. I get my “best” creative writing done in two separate spurts: 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 – 2:30 a.m. When I’m in the flow, I can write 1,000 words in the morning and have the afternoon free for meeting friends and planning other outings. When I’m in the editing and promotion caves, I work in longer blocks (usually in the morning and evening). Sounds like me.

Have you ever had a “plot bunny” where you get an idea and you can’t stop thinking about it until you write it out? All my articles and novels start off as plot bunnies. (BTW…First time I’ve heard the expression and I love it!) I don’t put pen to paper right away. Instead, I let the ideas percolate and contemplate possible characters and storylines. Once I have a protagonist, I give her a name and then come up with title for the manuscript. For my latest WIP, I came up with a complete list and short description of all the characters and then wrote the synopsis.

Do you set goals? As a teacher, I was very diligent about goal setting and tended to over-plan each day. In retirement, I’m much more flexible. While I would like to write 1000 words a day, I don’t beat myself up if life intervenes (as it often does). Looking ahead, I would like to write and release one book a year.

Are you a plotter or a pantser? Explain. I would classify myself as a linear pantser. Before starting any manuscript, I like to have a quasi-structure in place: protagonist and main characters, major plot, outline of the first ten chapters, and a title. I also have a rough idea of the last chapter. But the middle is more flexible. I’m not afraid to let secondary characters take over or introduce another sub-plot.

Do you write long-hand or use a computer or both? I have excellent keyboarding skills and feel more comfortable working on the computer. And I must confess that my writing has become illegible.

ASeasonforKillingBlondes_w9101_750 (2)Blurb
Hours before the opening of her career counseling practice, Gilda Greco discovers the dead body of golden girl Carrie Ann Godfrey, neatly arranged in the dumpster outside her office. Gilda’s life and budding career are stalled as Detective Carlo Fantin, her former high school crush, conducts the investigation.

When three more dead blondes turn up all brutally strangled and deposited near Gilda’s favorite haunts, she is pegged as a prime suspect for the murders. Frustrated by Carlo’s chilly detective persona and the mean girl antics of Carrie Ann’s meddling relatives, Gilda decides to launch her own investigation. She discovers a gaggle of suspects, among them a yoga instructor in need of anger management training, a lecherous photographer, and fourteen ex-boyfriends.

As the puzzle pieces fall into place, shocking revelations emerge, forcing Gilda to confront the envy and deceit she has long overlooked.


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In high school, Joanne dabbled in poetry, but it would be over three decades before she entertained the idea Guidoccio 001 of writing as a career. She listened to her practical Italian side and earned degrees in mathematics and education. She experienced many fulfilling moments as she watched her students develop an appreciation (and sometimes, love) of mathematics. Later, she obtained a post-graduate diploma as a career development practitioner and put that skill set to use in the co-operative education classroom. She welcomed this opportunity to help her students experience personal growth and acquire career direction through their placements.

In 2008, she took advantage of early retirement and decided to launch a second career that would tap into her creative side and utilize her well-honed organizational skills. Slowly, a writing practice emerged. Her articles and book reviews were published in newspapers, magazines, and online. When she tried her hand at fiction, she made reinvention a recurring theme in her novels and short stories. A member of Sisters in Crime, Crime Writers of Canada, and Romance Writers of America, Joanne writes paranormal romance, cozy mysteries, and inspirational literature from her home base of Guelph, Ontario.

Where to find Joanne:



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  2. Tina, thanks for hosting me today. 🙂

  3. I was lucky enough to get an early copy of Joanne’s book and have read it already. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable whodoneit. Well done Joanne.

  4. I wish I was at least a linear panster. I’m a off in the tall grass panster. 🙂

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