School Locker Nightmares

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????While my husband and I were out to dinner last night, we were talking about our grandkids. The two oldest will be in middle school this fall. Yikes!!! Where did the time go? I was telling Al how one of the girls, Alli, is excited about going to middle school, while the other one, Ella, is rather afraid to go.

Ella has brought this up several times, and I’ve tried to reassure her that all the kids going to 6th grade will be new to middle school. She won’t be the only one, and the teachers will be there to help them every step of the way.

A few weeks ago she brought it up again. Again, I tried to reassure her until she said this: “But we’ll have lockers, with locks and combinations we have to memorize. Oh, man. No reassurance from me there as flashbacks of losing my combination raced through my mind. My breath caught, my palms got damp, and my heart raced. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

My husband laughed when I told him about the nightmares I still have where I can’t find my locker, I’ve lost my lock and my combination, and the school secretary was no help whatsoever. The reason he laughed – he has the same nightmares.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????These dreams rank up there with knowing I did my homework, but not remembering where I put it. Or not being able to find my classroom when I need to class for a big test. (This last one is from college.)

Since then I’ve talked to a few others who have the same dreams. Is this universal? Then I wondered if my younger brother has nightmares, not only of losing his combination, but being locked in his locker by the bigger, upper class men when he was a freshman.

And, what did I dream about last night after our discussion? High school. Lockers. Combinations.

What about you? What nightmares do you have about school?



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10 responses to “School Locker Nightmares

  1. Barbara Peters

    Struck a nerve, Tina. I have dreams about high school lockers, college dorm rooms, and last night I dreamed I had horrible roommates. I even have dreams professor nightmares. I can’t find my classroom and I haven’t been to school for the semester and now I have to provide the students grades. I can’t find my classroom, I have to teach German or a science class (not sociology or women’s studies). School seems to click on anxiety dreams no matter the level.

  2. Jackie

    Don’t get me started! All of my school-related nightmares are about college. Often, it is final exam day, and I realize I have not attended the class all semester and don’t even know where it was held. And I run all over campus trying to find the Timetable (booklet of all class schedules) and realize that these are no longer available anywhere so late in the semester.

  3. In the wrong classroom, can’t *find* my classroom, missing a big exam/final…and the “biggie” is being naked (or nearly so) and trying to find out where I’m supposed to be. I haven’t been to college in (mumble mumble) years and *still* have those nightmares! Oh, yes. This thread digs deep into the human psyche!

  4. It would be interesting to know why we all have these same recurring dreams, wouldn’t it?

  5. I’m glad you posted this! I’m beginning to think this is universal. Save your grandchild now!! The fear is real. And, evidently everlasting. I dream I’m always without my homework, fail a test I didn’t prepare for, or that I’m late and unexcused. What kind of mental torture did we all go through? Obviously, we all shared in it and it still lurks in our subconscious.

  6. I’ve had a recurring dream over the years about not being able to find my locker or the right classroom I was supposed to be in. It gets all jumbled up with me knowing I’m an adult now and can’t possibly need to be in high school but still having this overwhelming sense that something is unfinished. Whew – I must say, I don’t even enjoy thinking about that dream.

  7. Can’t open my locker, can’t find my locker or homework, didn’t study for a test or do my homework, can’t remember my class schedule, and the all important…naked!

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