Do You Ever Have Days Like This?

Yesterday I had great intentions of editing “Never With a Rich Man,” a romantic mystery I’ve been working on for the past few months. With Christmas presents put away, family gone, messes cleaned up, and not ready to do laundry, I realized I had nearly an entire day to devote to writing. I ran down the basement steps in anticipation.

What greeted me this morning - including cup of tea from yesterday.

What greeted me this morning – including cup of tea from yesterday.

Then I walked into my office, sat at my desk and looked at the mess. One of my children and her husband had slept in the room over Christmas, and in preparation for their stay, I’d gathered up papers, bills, books, etc. and put them in a (not so neat) pile. I stared at the pile. The pile stared back.

Well, I for sure had to get rid of those papers before I could work—right?

No, wait. I got some new books for Christmas. I certainly need to get them put in my Xcel program—right?

No, wait. 2015 is almost here. I must decide which books to read through in my hundreds of books and organize them—right?

No, wait. Why don’t I get rid of the many research books I’ve had for decades and haven’t looked at. Good idea—right?

No, wait. At the bottom of the pile of the above mentioned papers are articles I’ve read and decided I HAD to keep for future reference. These demand my attention–right?

So. . .here is what I did. All of the above, jumping from one thing to the next. I figured if I’d hurry, I could still get some writing done. I really don’t have ADD, but sometimes I wonder.

Books into Xcel – check.
Stacks of books to be read in 2015 put upstairs in my bedside bookshelf – check.
Sorted through research books and set them aside to donate to the local library – check.

Went through those articles and. . . Wait. What are those stack of papers on my four-tiered rack on the table behind me? Could those be. . .yep, more articles and other papers.

Geez, I might as well go through those and organize them. And as long as I’m at it. . . let’s not forget all the articles I had in folders in my file cabinet.

Binders and stack of papers still be put in binders.

Binders and stack of papers still to be put in binders.

There went the rest of my day. I sorted, tossed (some articles were from the late 90s), and set up binders to organize them all. I still have to put some of the articles in the binders, but it was a start. I have a huge garbage bag for the shredder at work.

When I went to bed last night I thought, “Now tomorrow I can go down to my nice clean office and edit.” I must have been dreaming because, guess what? To my dismay my desk was still a mess with miscellaneous junk I don’t know what to do with, there are binders everywhere, I’m doing laundry and have to pay bills.

I have only three hours to finish before the football game starts. Can I do it? Why certainly I can.

No, wait. I have to fix a seam in my granddaughter’s pajamas.
No, wait. The Christmas CDs need to be put away.
No, wait. I need to get rid of the papers from when I was head of my writers’ group.

Some of the Christmas CDs.

Some of the Christmas CDs.

No, wait. Is that the dryer?
No, wait. . .
Ah heck. I’ll edit tomorrow!!!!!


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