One Happy Mama

family-word-cloud-concept-illustration-wordcloud-collage-34823833Eleven years ago, my son and his new wife moved from Wisconsin to New Jersey. My daughter-in-law had a scholarship to attend school for her masters. My son quickly got a job to support them. At the time, I had high hopes they would return to Wisconsin when Chandra had completed her schooling.

As the years went on, I waited and waited and waited; hoped and dreamed they would return with my two grandchildren. Anyone who has children and grandchildren living a long distance away, understands how awful it is.

Rob and Chandra were pretty good sending pictures, but it wasn’t the same. As the kids got older, we started Skyping. But, as children can be, they wiggled, squiggled and pretty much bounced around during our talks. At times I felt dizzy watching them bound in and out of the screen.

My husband and I got out to see them as often as we could, and they were able to return for visits a few times. I longed for those grandchildren. I missed them, and I know they missed PopPop and myself.

The cousins also missed each other. The two oldest girls are only twelve days apart. They met when one was a month old and the other two weeks. But, somehow they bonded with each other. We were amazed at how they bonded with the lack of seeing each other.

The girls meet. It was hard telling which one was which.

The girls meet. It was hard telling which one was which.

Waiting for our plane to see cousin in New Jersey.

Waiting for our plane to see cousin in New Jersey.

Then about two months ago, I received a phone call from my son that nearly had me in tears, “Mom, we want to move back to Wisconsin. I want to work with Dad in the business.”

While my heart was swelling with joy, I listened “calmly” to his reasoning, how they wanted to make the move before school started and what they needed to do to get ready. I told myself not to get excited in case it didn’t work out. But when we hung up, I jumped around the living room, punching the air with my fists and yelling with joy. I wanted to tell the world they were “coming home.” We had to keep things under wraps because of their jobs in Jersey.

heart and homeIt all worked out and they are now settled in their new home. My son is working in the office, busy learning the ins and outs of running a business, learning accounting programs and taxes. The grandkids have started school, and Chandra is trying to find a job.

Al and I moved from our small apartment (where we stayed when in town), to a much smaller room in the basement in their house. Sounds like a role-reversal, doesn’t it?

Friendly game of Kubb.

Friendly game of Kubb.

Last weekend we had a “Welcome Back to Wisconsin” party at our house. The weather didn’t cooperate very well, but we all had a good time. The cousins played tag, caught toads and crickets and did all the wonderful outdoor stuff that kids do. Unfortunately they couldn’t swim in the pool since it was too cold.

With three grandchildren half an hour south and two an hour and a half north, seeing them all is much easier. No more once a year or every-other year visits. Holidays will be different. Summers will be more fun. We’ve already planned a large family camping trip for next year.

This grandma is blessed – and very, very happy.

Bonding over making chocolate chip cookies.

Bonding over making chocolate chip cookies.

The best part of making cookies.

The best part of making cookies.



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6 responses to “One Happy Mama

  1. Barbara

    So happy for you Tina. When I lived in New York, before Skype, my contact with my daughter’s kids was via phone calls and visits as often as possible. Now, I’m here and enjoying them and the great grands.

  2. Linda

    I’m happy that everyone can be together again! I know how much you love your kids and grandkids!

  3. Sonja Rouillard

    Tina, I’m so happy for you!!!! My son started San Jose State University last week (you may remember he has high functioning autism) and I feel like I’ve been floating on air for weeks. Not ever sure we would get this far. So I can guess how you are feeling right now. It’s a good feeling.

    All best to you,

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