FIshing with the Grandkids?

I’m not sure what happened to this post, but I found out that the majority of my followers never saw it, so I’m going to try again. I’m sorry to those who are getting this for the second time.

Today my husband and I had only two of the grandkids. We planned a special day, including UNO, wrestling on the floor and fishing. Here’s how it went:

Making cookies for fishing: check. IMG_9152

Making sure poles and lines were set up: check.

IMG_9157Digging worms: check.

Making special sandwiches, snacks, and drinks for picnic on boat: check. (This is the most important part of fishing – right?)

Checking to make sure it wouldn’t rain until after midnight like the forecast said: check.

Poles, food and kids in truck: check.

Backing boat up to loading dock: check.

Unload gear from truck: check.

Start unhooking boat: check.

Are those sprinkles on the windshield?: check.

Are those sprinkles getting heavier?: check.

Re-hook-up boat and put gear back in truck: check.

Did it stop sprinkling?: check.

Re-unhook boat and put gear back in boat: check.

Is it now raining even heavier?: darn it all – check.

Is it pouring?: check.

Give it up?: check.

Head to nature center? check.

Nature center closed 15 minutes earlier: check.

Wander around outside – no rain. check.

Go back to fishing? check.
Is it sprinkling again?: check.

Head home? check.

Picnic on blanket on living room floor? Priceless. IMG_9159



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2 responses to “FIshing with the Grandkids?

  1. Your grandkids will remember this day FOREVER! Some my of my best childhood memories were of fishing with my grandparents:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Way too funny, Tina!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


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