Meeting Julie at the Romantic Times Convention

When I came back from the Romantic Times Convention, I had my blogs all lined up in order of when I would post them. Life got in the way, and I ended up blogging about other events and missed one story. I did talk about some the people I met in New Orleans. I wish I could write about all of them.

On the day before the convention started, I wandered through the hotel familiarizing myself with its layout. On the way down the escalator, I met a woman who was also scoping things out. We had lunch together. Unfortunately, I didn’t write down her name and I can’t remember it. Surprise, surprise! She was from Canada and this was her first convention.

After lunch, I bumped into a familiar face from Wisconsin. We talked a bit, but since she and her husband were combining the trip with their anniversary, I didn’t want to intrude on their time together. I moved on.

The noise in the lobby grew in time with the increased crowd. A couple times during the convention , I wanted to cover my ears as I walked through the lobby. The noise became horrific as more and more people arrived.

As I walked past tables looking for another author I knew, I saw a woman sitting by herself. Normally I’m a shy person, but when I’m alone, I can, at times, open up and talk to complete strangers. I went past the table and then backed up. For some reason, I wanted to meet her. It turned out to be a delightful way to spend two hours waiting for my roomie to arrive.

With Julie. Doesn't she have a wonderful smile?

With Julie. Doesn’t she have a wonderful smile?

Julie LeVesque attended several conventions in the early years when RT was in its infancy. Due to illness, she was unable to make the conventions for several years. This was her first one back, and I was delighted to be one of the first people to talk to her.

Julie is a reader, an avid reader. She is, like many of us, addicted to books. We discussed our favorite and least favorite authors, what genres we read and why we like the RT conventions. We talked about our families, friends and life in general. She took my card and said she definitely wanted to buy one of my books.

Throughout the next days, I would bump into Julie and her friend, Robin, who is an aspiring author. Since we were both usually on our way to a workshop or event, we didn’t get to talk for long. One day I decided I wanted Julie to have one of my books. Wouldn’t you know it, then I couldn’t find her. I scanned the faces of those toodling around in their scooters, until I finally bumped into her and Robin. The pictures tell the story.

With Robin

With Robin

Julie, if you’re reading this, I think of you often. I hope we see each other again next year.


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