RT 2014 is in the Records Books – I’m Finally Home

Home again, home again, never to roam again. That is one of my husband’s sayings when we return from a trip. After eleven days in New Orleans, I was more than ready to come home. Of course, I wasn’t ready to go through piles of mail, hundreds of e-mails, receipts from the trip, books and the “junk” I acquired at the RT convention.

Suitcase of "junk."

Suitcase of “junk.”

I arrived home late Sunday afternoon and took a walk around our yard hoping to see more blooming flowers and trees. The weather was cool and very wet while I was gone and nature hasn’t progressed as much I was hoping – except for the grass. We could feed a herd of cows with the tall grass. I unpacked and dumped my small suitcase of stuff in my office to go through later. My husband and I went for a long walk. After being cooped up in airports and airplanes all day, it felt good to stretch my legs.

I spent Monday and Tuesday watching my grandkids, leaving the untouched mess in my office. I was absolutely exhausted on Monday and, even though we got two and half inches of rain we didn’t need on Monday, I was happy it rained and I couldn’t go outside with my grandson. I’m ashamed to say that after lunch, I let him watch a movie so I could take a nap. These old bones can only take so much.

Goofy granddaughter wearing mask and crown at the same time.

Goofy granddaughter wearing mask and crown at the same time.

So, finally this morning, I’m able to go through the piles. So far I’ve put the books I brought back in my Xcel program. I swore I wouldn’t bring back tons of books this time from RT or ship back a ton. I’m proud of myself, as I only brought back fourteen to add to my collection of hundreds. Actually, I had more, but as my carry-on suitcase grew heavier, and I knew I would be the one putting it in the overhead bin, I left a few behind. I was also worried that my check-in would go over fifty pounds. Whew – it came in at forty-nine.

I figured out how to download my pictures from my cell phone. Some days I’m amazed that technology and I are on the same page – at the same time. I’ll share a few here.

Until the next time.

Beth getting ready to draw for our basket.

Beth getting ready to draw for our basket.

View from our hotel room.

View from our hotel room.


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