RT Day Number Two

Day number two is history. This is the first time in the three years I’ve been coming to the RT convention that I didn’t attend a workshop in the morning. That was because eight of us Soul Mate Publishing authors put on a reader event. Unfortunately, the woman who instigated the event got sick and couldn’t participate. I understand she woke with an ear infection.

Our bags.

Our bags.

We were scheduled for 11:15-12:15, so we agreed to meet at 10:45 to set things up and figure out what the heck we were doing. This was new to all of us.

The day before, when we were stuffing our 100 bags for the first 100 attendees, we all voiced concern as to whether anyone would show up. As I walked down the hallway toward our room, I wondered what event all these women sitting/standing in line were waiting for. I turned the corner to our room and realized, OMG, they were waiting for us! I can honestly say nerves set in with a vengeance.

Some of the 100 bags waiting for new homes.

Some of the 100 bags waiting for new homes.

I love the expression on Jessica's face.

I love the expression on Jessica’s face.

While we waited, one of our fellow authors, Jessica Jefferson, practiced with her Tarot cards by giving us readings. I have no idea how on earth the cards work, but it was amazing how some of the cards were right on with my life. When Jessica turned over the first card for me, she told me it said I’d recently been in an accident. Wow! As I wrote in an earlier blog, the bus my husband and I had been on three days earlier was hit by a car. Jessica was shocked.

We also grew more nervous as 11:15 loomed closer and our psychics hadn’t shown. To our relief, they arrive within two minutes of the doors opening. I shared a table with Geri Brousseau. Both of us were surprised at the line of women waiting to get our signatures on our book cards. We also had one of the Oujia Boards at our table. Very few of the women waned to use it with us. They all said it freaked them out. I have to admit it is a little weird, but Geri and I decided to believe it when it moved to “yes” when asked if we would be on the New York Times Bestseller list.

NYT Best Sellers' list, here we come. With Geri Brousseau.

NYT Best Sellers’ list, here we come. With Geri Brousseau.

A very fast hour later, it was over. I’m not sure how many cards I signed or how many women I talked with, but I know it was a lot. And I only ruined three cards by being so nervous, I couldn’t write. Another fun part was seeing those women throughout the day and having them wave or stop to say hi.

IMG_8784 IMG_8781

Jessica Jefferson, Susan Crowley, Geri Brousseau, Jaye Garland, Tina Susedik, Aliza Mann, Suzanne Sobol. Shelly Bell was missing.

Jessica Jefferson, Susan Crowley, Geri Brousseau, Jaye Garland, Tina Susedik, Aliza Mann, Suzanne Sobol. Shelly Bell was missing.

After the event, I ran across the street to my hotel to change back into jeans. I couldn’t stand wearing a skirt that didn’t have pockets to put my stuff in. Several of us Soul Mate authors then went to lunch on the French Quarter.

I managed to attend two workshops in the afternoon before heading back to my hotel, and get ready for the next event. Most of the publishing houses host parties, spotlighting their authors. We receive books, have them signed by our favorite authors and eat the snacks they usually have. Not wanting to carry my books to the next event, I ran across the street again with Beth’s and my books while she waited in line (again) for the pub crawl.

Earlier in the day, we received colored bracelets for the pub crawl. Beth and I were in the purple group. Geri Brousseau joined us and were herded with about 600 other purple women out of the hotel to Bourbon Street. I didn’t take long before we realized that somehow the three of us ended up with the yellow group. So we struck out on our own and headed to Pub #10 at the far end of the street. There were ten pubs we were supposed to go to, get the beads for that pub and go to the next.

We were to get seven beads out of ten to receive a special gift back at the hotel. We got eight. There was a free drink at Pub #1 and Pub #10, and unless you bought your own drinks at each pub, we just went in, got our beads and left. Needless-to-say, we didn’t “crawl” back to the hotel. I do believe some did, though
The night ended with another party with a DJ. Another round of meeting new people and having two women we’d met the night before join us. This was a dessert party, so we were glad we’d stopped for supper at the Napoleon House before going back to the convention hotel.

Beth and I managed to stay until 11:00 before giving up the ghost and heading “home.” Another jammed-packed, fun-filled day. Once again I took a bunch of pictures on my cell phone during the night and couldn’t download them. I’m hoping my son-in-law can help me when I get home. So off to day three.

Until tomorrow.


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