Day One of Romantic Times Convention 2014

Day One of the Romantic Times Convention is in the history books – well mine anyway. A lot of walking. A lot of talking. A lot of fun. My roommate, Beth, finally arrived from her extended stay in Dallas, early evening on Tuesday. She was exhausted, but we went to a restaurant in the French Quarter.

Stuffing bags

Stuffing bags

The next morning, authors from Soul Mate Publishing got together to stuff our goody bags for our Reader program set for today. None of us had never met in person, so that was fun.

IMG_8762Beth and I donated a bag for the RT Club room for their raffle. We used a Wisconsin theme, with everything in it made in Wisconsin, including Packer and Leinenkugel items, candy and wine. We had a little trouble keeping the bag upright while we wrapped it in cellophane. It looked a little worse for wear by the time it got to the Club room. There are more bags 100 things up for raffle. On Friday, we will get to have our picture taken with the person who wins the bag.

Beth and myself.

Beth and myself.

I went to several workshops, gave out a lot of my swag and met a lot of new people.

The highlight was the evening event. After standing in line for a long time, feeling the cold front coming through, hoping the rain would hold off, we were finally boarded buses and taken to Mardi Gras World. After spending some time in a large room made to look like a swamp, we were herded over to a large building. As we walked, a band played Cajun music, and jesters dance among us. Once in the warehouse, the amazement began. The building is filled with old props from past Mardi Gras parades. You can’t even imagine the size of these things.
A band lead a parade of floats filled with the authors from the publishing houses that sponsored the event. They threw beads and candy. I had so many beads, my neck began to hurt.

I took tons of pictures with my cell phone, but I haven’t been able to transfer them to my laptop. I tried e-mailing them to myself, but both Beth and I are having problems with our apps on our phones. At this moment, she is getting more and more frustrated trying to get into her Twitter account. I’ve learned my lesson and will make a point of taking my “real” camera with me to these events

So, on to Day 2. This morning at 11:15, seven of us Soul Mate Authors will be hosting our reader program. The first 100 will receive a goody bag. Since none of us have ever done anything like this before, it should be interesting. Wish us luck.
Until tomorrow.


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