Catching Up

On this cold, rainy (at least it’s not snow) April 24th, I realized it’s been a bit since I’ve blogged. So what better way to spend my birthday than catching up with friends.

A lot has happened in the past few weeks. Tax season is FINALLY over and life has sort of returned to normal. The piles on my desk are diminishing, Al and I get to spend more time together (yay!), and the grandkids came to visit.

Coloring Easter eggs.

Coloring Easter eggs.

We still had some snow for the Easter egg hunt.

We still had some snow for the Easter egg hunt.

IMG_8670I’ve been able to put out some of the summer yard items that have been hiding in the garage since late last September. Sleds, snow boots, snow pants, etc. have been put away. I hope it’s not too early. We also went on our first hike of the season.

The oldest grandchild loved walking and running through the ditches - and she was the one who didn't want to go for a walk.

The oldest grandchild loved walking and running through the ditches – and she was the one who didn’t want to go for a walk.

She loved the culvert, too.

She loved the culvert, too.

I’m still coming to grips with working with two publishers under two different names. Two blogs, two Twitter accounts, two FB pages and promoting two different books is quite a challenge. Sometimes I forget to check one or the other. I’m anticipating “Riding for Love” being released in paperback soon. I was promised it would be ready for the Romantic Times Convention in mid-May. I’m getting excited to actually hold the book in my hands. I’m sure a few tears will be shed.

I’m finding it’s fun handing out my new swag. Everyone, so far, has seemed to like it. It’s easier promoting myself when I have something to give out. It’s easier to say, “Hey, look what I got in the mail” and talk about what I do, than, “Hey, guess what? I’m a published author.” Swag

The illustrators for my two children’s books are making progress – or so I’m told. I don’t have anything new to post, but when I do, I’ll share.

The Romantic Times Convention is coming soon and I’m gearing up for it. Like last year, I’ll be blogging daily about the experience. It’s in New Orleans, so it should be fun – lots of parties. I still have to find a mask, boa, and dig out SUMMER clothes, because I understand it is warm in other parts of the country. My friend, Beth and I are gathering items to put in our basket for the drawings.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Things are falling into place for us Soul Mate Authors who are putting on a program for readers at the convention. Our event is: “Paranormal Activity: The Magic of New Orleans.” We’re having palm readers, Tarot Card readers, psychics, games and bags of swag. I hope to have pictures from this event. I still have to plan my costume – without spending too much money.

So, that’s it in a nutshell. I plan to get back to my weekly blogging. In a week or so I’m hoping to share something new I’m going to try on my blog – something I hope you’ll enjoy. Now to get back to writing.


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  1. Happy Birthday, Tina!! Thanks for sharing the pix of the grandbabies!!

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