First Run of Spring

My first run went well. I walked/ran three miles, which included ten thirty second sprints. I’m sure I’ll feel those tomorrow. Most of the time I was on a side road which still has wet, icy, slushy, muddy spots. The road isn’t traveled much, and most vehicles passed me at a nice crawl. All except for the last one. I saw the car barreling toward me and realized he wasn’t going to slow down. I had just enough time to jump to the side, turn my back, flip up my hood and hunch my shoulders before – splat. I hope seeing me get soaked made his day. And I just finished doing laundry.



Filed under Health/fitness, Nature, Reflection, Winter

2 responses to “First Run of Spring

  1. Barbara

    Maybe he was preoccupied by all the melting snow. Couldn’t believe it was finally happening.

  2. Nasty man…I slipped on ice during my run this weekend…luckily only thing injured was my pride:) Have fun writing and running!

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