My Brain is Frozen

For the past two weeks I have been trying to think of something to write. I know I have ideas floating around in my head – but – I think my brain has frozen. Probably won’t thaw out in the near future. revised pompas 1093

Yesterday morning I was hopeful when I went out to my van to go to work at 7:00. The sun was shining. The air felt warm. There was no wind. I got into my van. It was -5 degrees. Was I actually thinking that -5 was feeling warm? Was my brain crazy or frozen?

IMG_2695This morning it is -15 with -37 windchill. The only thing I can think about is “When will this winter end?” It’s all everyone is talking about. The cold, the snow, the wind. Buildings collapsing due to the heavy snow (including my neighbor’s shed). Worse winter since 1903 or 1876 depending on which part of northern Wisconsin you’re from.

Like everyone else, I’m sick of winter. I want it over. It’s March 2nd. Farmer’s Almanac says 30 more inches of snow in March. Where will we put it all? I think I hear my flowers crying. Will our trees survive the deep, deep frost? How have the deer survived? Will the bears be able to climb out of their winter homes? Are the birds smart enough to stay away until things thaw?

Will my brain start functioning again and give me something more interesting to write about next week? Man, I hope so. Meanwhile, back to editing my Work in Progress. Code FL13


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