Finding Time for Your Passions

flower-heart-shape-valentine-card-design-element-37283156Everyone has something they are passionate about, be it their family, a hobby or their job (if they’re lucky). I love my husband, my children, my grandchildren. I enjoy hiking, biking, camping, reading, scrapbooking and photography, just to name a few. And I’m one of the lucky ones who is passionate about my job – writing.

Like many writers, I also have another job – one that I thought I’d gotten rid of. In 1998 Al and I purchased a tax and accounting business about ninety miles north of where we lived at the time. We moved north. In 2009, twelve tax seasons and five grandchildren later, we sold the business, happy in the knowledge that we could move back to our original town and be closer to our kids. Al got a full-time job with a company he’d been consulting for. I was able to devote my time to writing.
Life was good. No more ninety-hour work weeks from January to April. Weekends free. No clients to deal with. I wrote and published three history books, as well as two romances (one published, one waiting for a contract) and two children’s books (which should be out this year). I got back to scrapbooking, taking pictures and having more time with my grandchildren.

Fast forward four years. Last March the person who “bought” our business, cleaned out the checking account and left town. Since she still owed us the majority of the sale price (our retirement), Al and I scrambled to finish out the tax season and get the business back on its feet.

It is now tax season again. Al is working ninety-plus hours a week. I’m traveling between watching my grandkids two days a week (something I refused to give up since they are growing up so fast), then the ninety miles north where I work and live three and half days, back south to our home for one and half days to catch up on bills, housework, etc. Then I repeat the cycle.

The reason I feel compelled to write about this is that I’ve lost the time to do what I love – writing, reading, scrapbooking and have some time for fun. The passion has gone. I feel guilty that I’m not getting as much done as I want. It is difficult getting your mind into a project you haven’t touched in a while – especially when you’re bone tired.

My writers’ group sets goals each month. I have lofty ideas that I will finally get the edits and re-writes done on a book I’ve been working on. In January I did manage to finish a story for a project two writer friends and I are working on. This happened when I couldn’t get up north because of a snowstorm and was stuck at home for three days. Three glorious days of uninterrupted writing.
Yesterday when we had our writers’ meeting, I lowered my goal from getting the edits done to “Try and get some editing done.” Hopefully this will take the pressure off. writers-block-13418618

So enough crabbing in this blog. Since I was able to come home earlier yesterday, I managed to get through a week’s mail, pay bills, catch up on e-mails and the house. I have a few more promotional things to do this morning, but this afternoon – look out manuscript – I will finish editing you – and love every minute of it. I can already feel the passion returning. And I will not, absolutely not, think about the coming week.

How do you find time for your passions?


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One response to “Finding Time for Your Passions

  1. Diana Huffer

    The only time I have to myself is usually from 9PM until the wee hours of the morning — the hubby and both dogs are usually asleep then. I do my reading then… I can work my crafting in during the day when the doggies are napping… 😉

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