Remember this?

Code FL15I had my first vision of my flowers the other day. Of course it was all in my head. Buried deep, deep beneath many feet of snow, I know they are just waiting to burst forth and bring color back into my life. The other day I went through my photos on my computer and gazed at my flowers, green grass and leaves on trees. It was an up-lifting experience. I’ve started dreaming of camping, hiking, biking, too. IMG_2662

Yes, we’ve all been hearing, talking about and reading about this, long, long winter. We’re all tired of it. Except for a few, fleeting warmish days, it is too cold to get outside and enjoy the snow.

Right now I’m listening to the wind howl outside my office window and know our long driveway will probably drift shut again. The guy who plows our driveway will have to make his second trip today. Our snow fence is nearly buried.

Code B17This morning when I went to fill bird feeders, the snow came to well over my knees. It got to the point where I knew I couldn’t go any further, so I stuck the bucket of seed in the snow, managed to get my legs out and turn around. I trudged back to the garage and put on my snow shoes. I had to bend down to fill the feeders, and somewhere out there is a buried birdbath.

So, enjoy these pictures and remember warmth, sun and colors other than white. Code FL35

Code FL28


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One response to “Remember this?

  1. Linda

    Beautiful shots! I can’t wait for spring to arrive!

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