On the Run Again

This morning while I was going for my walk/run, I was thinking about how I could promote Riding for Love. I was also thinking about how to keep in shape after sitting on my rear editing, writing, promoting, etc. An idea popped into my head, one which I hope you will help me with.

This spring I decided I wanted to start running. I walk a lot, but haven’t run in years. I usually get shin sprints, but found out what exercises to do before running to eliminate this problem. Realizing I needed to start slowly – I am a grandma after all – I decided to walk three minutes, run thirty seconds, walk three, etc, five times and then walk the rest of the time. I usually walk about 3-4 miles.

With good intentions, I headed out the first time. The sore muscles the next few days didn’t deter me, but made me realize I was not in as good a shape as I thought. Each time I tried to sit down, I visualized my rear-end and legs shaping up. What did put a damper on the whole thing was the darn weather. Each time I went out, we ended up with a snow storm, ice storm, or rain, but please don’t blame me for the lousy spring we had.

So here’s the plan. I’m going to walk three minutes, run thirty seconds, walk three, etc. until I’ve built myself up enough to run a short (very short) marathon. My nine-year old granddaughter participated in “Girls on the Run” at her school and did a 5K this spring. I would love to be able to do that.

For every person who goes to Amazon, Good Reads and my Facebook page and “likes” my author page, I will add 30 seconds to my run time. So, with one like, I will walk three minutes, run one minute, walk three, run thirty seconds. For the next like, I will walk three, run one, walk three, run one, walk three, run thirty, etc. Once I’m up to doing this five times, I will add another set until eventually I will be walking/running the entire four miles. My goal is to be able to run the four miles.
I’m not asking you to purchase Riding for Love, (if you do, that would be great), but to just “like” me on Amazon, Good Reads and Facebook. Right now I have 9 likes on Amazon, 46 on Facebook and 0 on Good Reads. (I just found out my book was on Good Reads.)You’ll be helping me stay in shape, stay healthy and reach my goal of doing a 5K.

For Amazon and Good Reads: When my book comes up, click on my name to get to my author page. On the right-hand side is the Like button.


Thanks for all your help with my new venture.

Until the next run.



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3 responses to “On the Run Again

  1. Linda

    I hope you have good running shoes, I just added to your time! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Linda. Wanna join me?

  3. Great motivation! Good luck!

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