Friday at Romantic Times – Release Day

Once again, I was up too late last night to blog and Friday, day five in this journey, is over. My release day for Riding for Love was another eventful one. After donning our release-day t-shirts, we headed to the other hotel and a morning “Fountain City Jazz Club Morning Mixer,” hosted by several well-known authors. To the sounds of a jazz band, we sipped champagne, ate 007
some delicious food, talked with authors and of course, received books. Then it was off to more workshops.

Our shirts were a hit and helped me pass out our postcards. I found out that a release day is also a birthday and was greeted throughout the day with “Happy Birthday.” I thought this was pretty neat, as I can start over with birthday number 1 instead of adding years onto my number . . .well never mind. 015

One of my goals for the day was to get my picture taken with some of my favorite authors. Of course that meant I didn’t see any of them. Finally, as Beth and I waited for the last big event of the day, I was able to have my photo opportunities. Besides Victoria Alexander and Randi Alexander, I had a shot taken with Kathryn Falk, founder of Romantic Times.

The evening’s event was Heather Graham’s Freaky Friday Dance, where people could dress up as goblins, ghouls, werewolves, shift shapers or whatever they wished. I had my picture taken with Scott, one of the male models. These guys, while good-looking and built like. . . use your imagination . . . are very nice. What was amazing was watching Scott laughing one second and in the next change his expression to eerily stern, then back to laughing again. It was my release day gift to myself.

We ended the day toasting to our books in the hotel bar. For our issues with our bathroom, we were given some gift certificates to use in the bar. We then hit the sack – again very late.

So, our last day in Kansas City begins. More workshops, more free books, more parties. Somewhere in there we have to pack and load our van to hit the road bright and early Sunday morning. Tonight will be a much earlier night and hopefully I can blog tonight.009

Until then.


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