Day Four – Romantic Times Trip

It is Friday morning, day five of my trip to Kansas City. I’m sitting in the lobby writing Thursday’s blog since it was too late last night. Yesterday, (Thursday) turned out to be as hectic as the other days. Workshops, networking, changing rooms (more later) and running back and forth from our hotel to the convention hotel were the events of the day.

I met many wonderful women from all over the world, including Canada, Australia and England. There was a massive book sale with over 300 authors sitting at long, long tables, selling their books. It gave us a chance to meet and talk with our favorite authors and, once again, get many books. The majority of these women are so nice. One even remembered which book I purchased last year, and when I told her my first romance was just released, leaned over the table and gave me a huge hug.
I spent time talking with Laura Kinsale, whose books I enjoy. A more down-to-earth person you’ll ever meet. I also met Heather Graham and Cherry Adair who were hilarious at their workshop. Right now I think my brain is ready to explode with everything I learned.

The Romantic Times 30th Anniversary Ball was held in the evening. With almost 2,000 men and women (mostly women) dressed to the nines, it was quite a sight to see. Kathryn Falk, the founder of Romantic Times introduced the “Legends” of romance. Authors such as Mary Balough, Jennifer Blake, Jude Deveraux, Janelle Taylor, Robyn Carr, Patricia Rice, Karen Robards, Laura Kinsale and Rosanne Bittner were introduced. Many of these authors have penned over fifty books, with one having written over 100.
And the saga of our room continued. As I mentioned on Wednesday, our toilet started making weird noises. After being gone most of the day, Beth and I returned at 5:00 prepared to dump all our goodies, take a short breather and head back to the other hotel for another party at 6:15. We then planned to return to our room by 7:15, change into our dresses and return for the ball.

We were in the room for a bit and were about ready to leave, when I decided to use the bathroom. I opened the door and was greeted with – well, I won’t go into detail on what was in the toilet, but I’ll just say it was disgusting. So, rather than head to our next event, I called for someone to come up and take a look, making sure he understood, this mess was not from us. We left the room and headed down to talk to a manager about the disaster. He said he’d switch us to another room. I suggested he not put us in the one right below our current room.

After getting our new keys, we ran back up to our current room, grabbed some stuff and took it to the new room, then ran to the conference hotel. After the event was over, we hurried back to our hotel, threw stuff in boxes, bags and suitcases, and literally ran between floors, moving into our new room. Hot, sweaty and more than a little exhausted, we threw on our dresses and shoes, took deep breaths and raced to the ball. My hair looked like…well, like I’d just made five trips between rooms, literally running up and down the halls. It was a good thing the ballroom was dark. A glass of wine and a couple of glasses of champagne helped restore my dignity.

When we returned to our room around eleven, we then had to unpack. Needless to say, we didn’t hit the sack until very late. So we’re in our new room and so far the only thing wrong. One dresser drawer keeps sliding open on its own. I think maybe one of the children of the ghost is our previous room has followed us. I taped the drawer shut and hopefully it will behave. Right now, I’m doubtful.


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