Second Day Completed at Romantic Times

The second day of my trip to Kansas City is nearly over. Last night we started packing Beth’s van and quickly realized it wasn’t big enough. So, we switched everything to my van, with plenty of room left over for the books we’ll bring back. Good thing I prepared for just this scenario on Sunday when I cleaned out my van, took out car seats and flipped all the seats down.

After getting up at 5:00 this morning, we left Beth’s at 6:00 and headed south on 35. The morning was warm for Minnesota and the temperature increased as we headed south. The grass grew greener, leaves popped out on trees and flowers bloomed. Bucking high winds was a challenge for our arms.

Beth learned a new method for cooling down a hot flash. While opening a bottle of ice cold water, the cap slipped, the bottle tipped and water dropped into her lap. I believe it would have been easier to open a vent wider, but to each her own.
We arrived safe and sound about 2:00. We worried whether the GPS would guide us to the hotel. The dear little thing earned a kiss when Beth turned off my van in front of the building. (The GPS, not Beth.)

Since the main hotel for the conference filled quickly, we booked in a hotel connected to the conference by a walkway – a long, long walkway. We will certainly get our exercise over the next five days. The place is filling up with authors, writers, readers, librarians, editors and agents.

My hamburger for supper was excellent, (remember we are in the land of barbeque) beer cold, and conversation enjoyable. We have our promo table set up and are now back in our room trying to unwind. The bottle of wine Beth is opening will go a long way to help.

Until tomorrow.


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