Day Three – Trip to Romantic Times Convention – What a Day!

It’s getting late and day one of the Romantic Times Convention, and day three of my trip is almost over. And, man, what a day! It started, after a few issues with our room, with my checking my e-mails and finding out my book, “Riding for Love,” was released today instead of Friday. I was sitting in the lobby of the hotel (they charge way too much to use the wifi in the left room), when I read the message. My hands started shaking, my heart picked up speed and, of course I started crying. When I checked Amazon and saw the book, I really wanted to jump up and let out a whoop. I think the lady next to me would have grabbed her young kids and run. I e-mailed everyone, posted it on Facebook and rushed back to the room to tell Beth.

Since I was already dressed for the day and too nervous to change clothes, I decided to keep my Friday schedule of wearing my shirt saying my book was released. I found it amazingly easy to tell people that my book had been released this morning, and Beth and I had fun handing out our postcards about or books. We even had several people tell us they’d already picked up our 004007cards in the promo room. That was cool.

The workshops were excellent, but I think I’m burned out with all the marketing ones I attended. It’s a daunting task trying to decide how to promote my book. I just hope I can read all my notes when I get home. I had my picture taken this morning with 025Jude Deveraux, one of my favorite authors. I felt like a giant next to her. We’ve received quite a few books and a lot of “swag” – you know, the junk you pick up at conferences that you think you want at the time and then when you get home you what wonder what the heck you were thinking.

There were two parties tonight, one a disco party. We didn’t stay long – we’re exhausted.

We’ve had a few issues with our room. Last night we had to have our bathroom cleaned. Hair in the frig, hair in the shower and streaks of soap scum on the shower walls were pretty disgusting. Then last night when I climbed into bed, (which are quite comfortable) I felt something weird at the foot of the bed. I was afraid maybe I’d find a pair of dirty socks or something, so I got up and pulled back the sheets. The bottom sheet didn’t cover the entire mattress. My feet were touching some felt pad. Yuck! I pulled out the top sheet and flipped it over so my feet would touch the sheet instead of the pad. I didn’t get much sleep, worrying about where my feet were. When I told Al, my husband, about it, he said I was short-sheeted.

Then this morning, when Beth made coffee, we ended up with coffee everywhere. The pot had a leak. We were given a new pot, my bed was fixed and we were given a free room for one night. So something good came of it.
Before supper, strange sounds came from the bathroom. It sounded as if someone was flushing the toilet and the toilet did like it. We crept to the door. I bravely wielded the remote as Beth flung the door open and checked the shower and toilet. Nothing. We’ll see what happens tonight. Better not be a ghosts.

Better head down to the lobby and get this posted.
Until tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Day Three – Trip to Romantic Times Convention – What a Day!

  1. Congrats on the release of Riding for Love! Thanks for the great post–it’s like being there with you 🙂 Hope the rest of the convention is wonderful!

    • Thanks, Mary. It’s been fun so far and I’m away from all the snow we’re getting at home. People have been posting pictures and it’s unbelievable how we are getting back home. It is just raining in KC

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