First Leg of Trip to Romantic Times Convention

The first leg of my trip to the Romantic Times Convention in Kansas City has started – although not the way I had planned. Yesterday I plotted out this morning – how long I had to shower, pack, load my van, run errands and head to a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. I had plenty of time.

The first thing I realized when I woke up this morning was how much my neck and back hurt. I know I’ve been sleeping badly due to my dreams about the book release, and in my restlessness, I did something to my body so, I knew I would have an unplanned trip to the chiropractor. As I attempted my morning stretches, I kept an eye on the clock so I could call the office as soon as they opened to get an appointment right away. I was about to call, when I received a text message from my daughter. My granddaughter, Alli, was sick and home from school. My daughter had a meeting she needed to attend at 11:00. Would I be able to come down and stay with Alli while she was at her meeting?

Before responding, I called the chiropractor and got in at 8:15 (it was 8:00). After doing some time mental time figuring, I texted my daughter and said I could make it by 10:40. I made it to my appointment, got home, showered, finished packing, ate breakfast, ran an errand in town and made it to my daughter’s with one minute to spare. (It’s a thirty minute drive from my house to hers.) After rushing through the morning, it was a pleasure to sit and play a card game with Alli and then learn to bead weave on a kid’s loom set.

The only thing I didn’t get done was to weed through the clothes I packed for the week. I know I’ve over-packed like I always do, but a woman needs to be prepared, doesn’t she? On the way to my daughter’s I ran over what I had. Did I pack the right shoes? Do I have all my makeup? Should I have added another pair of pants in case I spill on myself? I removed a bottle of wine from the suitcase when I realized I could barely take it from the bed. I figured Beth and I could probably find a place in KC to buy another bottle to celebrate the release of my book.

My daughter is back home. I have just enough time to eat lunch and meet my husband for our appointment, with plenty of time to finish my errands before I head off to Beth’s. Maybe the rushing will stop the nerves – but then again, after my stomach did its familiar flip, maybe not.


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