Riding for Love Countdown Begins

The countdown begins. One week from today, I’ll be able to go on Amazon.com and see my new book Riding for Love. I’m excited and so nervous, I can’t stand it!

Everyone keeps asking me why I’m so nervous. This is my seventh book release since 1998. But while my other six are history books, this is my first romance- and it’s being released while I’m at the Romantic Times Convention next week at Kansas City. I have my shirt done(I did it myself) and the postcards arrived. Now I need to buy more letters from my friend, Beth’s shirt.
I just can’t seem to put my finger on why I’m feeling this way about the book. Every time I think about its release, my stomach feels like I’m going over a cliff, my breath catches and my heart races. I’m going to try and remember to pack a paper sack in021 case I hyperventilate next Friday.

I have a headache, but that could be due to my running smack into an uneven parallel bar at my grandson’s gymnastics class Wednesday. He had to go to the bathroom and took off across the gym. I barreled after him and BAM! Nose to the bar, rear to the ground. I know have a black and blue nose and hurt from my upper lip to my hairline. I just hope my eyes don’t turn black and blue. That will look real cute at the conference. At least I’d have a story to tell.

My plan while at the conference is to blog everyday about the experience. Beth and I went last year as “newbies,” but this year we are going as published authors. Beth’s book, Gitana (Beth M. James) was released a few weeks ago. That special flower will be attached to our name tags, and we’ll actually have something to talk about with other authors and readers.

Last year we didn’t have any idea what to expect for the parties, but this year we have costumes ready to wear. Since we’re driving to Kansas City, we can bring food and empty boxes for all the books we get. I’m starting to gather what I’m going to bring, so my bedroom looks like I’m moving out.

I know I’m rambling today, but as I said, I’M SO NERVOUS!!!!! More later. Riding for Love Cover

He’s petrified of horses. She runs a riding ranch being sabotaged. Can he overcome his fear to help find the culprits?


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One response to “Riding for Love Countdown Begins

  1. Linda

    I can’t wait for your book to come out! :::does excited happy dance:::

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