Birthday Snow

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m not admitting to which one, but let’s just say I’ve been on this earth more than a few decades now. I’m starting to realize how old I am when I tell my granddaughters (9 and 6) something about my childhood and they say “That was in the olden days.” Yikes. A month or so ago I had the girls at my house and we were making chocolate chip cookies. I took out the sifter and put it on the counter. Six-year old: “What’s that thing?” Me: “It’s a sifter.” Nine-year old to her sister: “I think it’s one of those old-fashioned things.” Gotta love em.

One of the things I can’t wrap my head around this year is something I see from my office window – snow. With the temperatures today (not warm) I can’t imagine it disappearing before tomorrow. Usually it’s spring by April 24th. Birds are back, trees are starting to bud, tulips are peaking out and even the hardy crocuses are blooming. This year (after last night’s storm) everything is white. A few hardy birds (robins, starlings, killdeer and red-winged blackbirds) have ventured back. No bluebirds, swallows or orioles. I swear the few bulbs that came up have retreated back into the ground. I can only remember one other time when we had snow for my birthday and that was when I turned “sweet sixteen.” 022

It’s hard not to get depressed as this winter goes on and on, but then I think about my blessings. Tomorrow I will spend the day at my daughter’s. The girls will be in school, but I get to play with the four-year old. This weekend the six-year old said she had to make me a card. I can’t wait to see what she draws and writes. They will be more excited for my birthday than I will – bless their hearts.

More blessings: These are not posted in any order. Tomorrow a friend is coming to in the morning to visit with me. I have a new book being released soon and will shortly be leaving for a writer’s conference. My health is good (although the joints are a little creaky). I have a terrific husband (although I won’t see him tomorrow). I have a warm, cozy house and food on the table. I have a loving family. The birds that are back are singing their hearts out and the weather is supposed to warm up this weekend.

So tomorrow when I wake up and realize I’m one year older and see all that white stuff on the ground, I’ll thank God I made it this far and pray I will be able to add many more years to the total.



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3 responses to “Birthday Snow

  1. The sun will be out tomorrow for your birthday 🙂
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Linda

    Happy birthday tomorrow, Tina! Twenty-nine and holding, right? 😉

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