Two Weeks Until Release Day!

Time is flying by as fast as the wind whipping the snow around outside. I suddenly realized yesterday that my new book “Riding for Love” will be released two weeks from today – May 3rd and I am totally unprepared for it.

Today I ordered my postcards to hand out when I go to the Romantic Times Convention the first week of May. For some reason, I thought I was leaving in two weeks – probably because that is when my book is due out. I was talking to a t-shirt place this morning and realized I was leaving for Kansas City one week from this Monday. ONE WEEK!!!! Will my cards get here before then? Will I find someone to print shirts for me? Will I be able to get everything done I need to before then? Luckily I paid for quicker shipping fir the postcards because I wanted to have time to go over them, pass some out around here, etc.
About six weeks ago I was taking a walk on one of those rare days when we weren’t getting snow. (Anyone else sick of this long, long winter?) I was thinking about how to promote my book, which I knew was coming out sometime in May. I was struck with an idea (fortunately not by a car) about what I would do if “Riding for Love” could come out while I was at the Romantic Times Convention. How much fun it would be if I wore a t-shirt that day that said, “My book is being released today” on both the front and the back. Then I thought about having my friend, Beth, where one that says, “My friend’s book is coming out today.” I took the idea one step further and thought that I could wear a shirt the day before that said, “My book is being released tomorrow.” I could also have one printed that said, “My book was released yesterday,” and wear that on the 4th. Talk about saving on clothing and packing for the trip.

So I presented the idea to Debby, my editor. She liked the idea and gave me a release date of May 3rd. (Actually, I just saw a list of Soul Mate Publishing’s May releases and I’m listed for May 1st.) In my excitement about the release, wearing these shirts will help me to get the courage to pass out the postcards to complete strangers. This is something that is way out of my comfort zone.

So, after ordering my postcards this morning, I started trying to find some place that would heat-press my t-shirts. I thought this would be easy, but unless I want to order many shirts, no one can do it. I finally found a place that would do two shirts on the spot. Hurray!!! Then he said they were going on vacation next week and the business would be closed. “Not a problem,” I said. “I can come in on the 24th to have them done.” His reply, “Uh, ma’am, we’re on vacation next week and we’re closed.” I opened up my appointment book and that’s when it struck me – I don’t have two weeks – but only one until I leave. He said I should come in today, but we live 30 miles away and between the rain, ice and snow, the roads are horrible. So, the morning of the day I leave, I will be at the store getting my shirts printed.

Now, you’re probably saying that I shouldn’t have procrastinated, but there have been some unexpected events happening in my life the past few weeks. But that’s another story for another time. Right now I need to think about promoting my book in the short amount of time left.

Riding for Love Cover

Anyone ready to read a romantic mystery? Let me tell you about this book coming out on May 3rd . . .


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