Season of Change – How Long Until Spring?

Next Wednesday, February 13th, is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. Some refer to these forty days as a “Season of Change;” a chance to decide what you want to change in your life during this time. It has been said that it takes three weeks to break a habit, or form a new one. So during this time of Lent, a person could conceivably make two changes to better their lives.
I checked the Internet to see what would come up if I typed in Season of Change. There was an album, hair salon, tv show, a book, youtube clip and churches by that name. I even found one about marriages.

The reason I bring this up is…I have my own idea of a Season of Change. Besides having a terrible cold this past week and am going into day four of no voice, I’ve been feeling discombobulated. As I walked down our long driveway to get the mail, I was being buffeted by strong, colds winds coming from the north. Today is actually the warmest day we’ve had in a while, but with the wind, it’s still darn cold. I hunkered my neck into my scarves, curled my fingers into my gloves and squinted my eyes against the bright sunlight and realized…I need a change.

A change from the cold, snow and every-day sameness that winter brings. The longer days – there is still light in the sky at 5:00 in the evening, but the mornings are still dark – make things a little better. Makes one believe that yes, spring will eventually come. The white, white snow is broken only by the sad, bare branches of dormant trees and slushy dark roads. As I look out my window of my basement office, I see white clouds, now broken up by a few patches of clouds. I long to take my laptop outside, sit on the deck and write. I miss the sounds of the birds. The ones that stick around for the winter can’t be heard with the house closed up tight.

I need a change from using the elliptical when I want to walk outside. Living in the country, most of the side roads are snow covered and icy. Sunday, even though it was three below, my husband and I braved the elements and took a four-mile walk. Maybe not so good for my cold, but I had to get out of the house . It doesn’t matter what those old groundhogs, or squirrels or other animals people use to determine when spring will come , we will have at least six more weeks of winter. (I just checked three different calendars to see when the first day of spring fell – and none of them even had the day listed!!!! Yikes, is it going to miss us this year?)

I attended a meeting last night and everyone was complaining about winter going on so long and the cold and dry air. We complained about dry skin, dry hair and dry sinuses. I did something to try and brighten things up – I wore a bright yellow sweater with a beach logo. Everyone else wore red, black or dark blue with scarves wrapped around their necks. While my bare neck was cold, there were many comments on how nice my little dab of yellow was. 002

A few years ago, about this time, one of my sisters posted she needed a change. Another posted she needed a new haircut. Another suggested a sister get-together – the first ever for the five of us. The stars must have been aligned and the gods smiling as we found one weekend we all had free, and within twenty-four hours, we planned a trip to Vegas. What a wonderful reprieve to winter’s doldrums.

Last year, my husband and I took a trip in mid-March to celebrate our anniversary. While we had a good time, we decided taking a trip during tax season (he’s a CPA) would never, ever happen again. He didn’t relax worrying about all the work waiting for him at home, and I didn’t relax worrying about him worrying about…you get the idea. So, no trip this year. We are planning a trip later this summer and I have been receiving brochures and pamphlets to. . .Alaska.

I received two garden catalogs last week. What a teaser! Paging through them, I thought of the many things I wanted to plant. I thought about my flowers buried deep in the frozen soil beneath layers of snow. If I could have, I would have smacked someone, anyone from those companies for daring to make me think of winter’s end when it is still so, so far away. Those catalogs are now safely in recycling.

My three and a half year-old grandson has even had it with winter. Last week he started talking about camping – asking when we could go camping, when the snow would melt so we could to camping and what he needs to bring when we go camping – besides his friend, Trevor. He’s been describing our camper, how we’ll go hiking and how we’ll have to bring their dog along. “We have to bring Ginger with us now. See, we have to bring her dishes and food and kennel. I just don’t know how we’ll fit it all in the camper. Maybe I’ll have to ride in PopPop’s truck with you when we go camping.” Now the little squirt has me longing to camp.

So, what can one do to get over these winter doldrums – or at least me anyway? Well, there is a Home & Garden Show coming up. Then there’s an RV Show, several birthday parties, a concert, visit to a friend’s place, and anything else I can come up with to keep me from getting some type of crazy hairdo or hair color, buy a new house, get rid of our belongings and hit the road in our camper, or book a trip to somewhere warm – and green – and warm. Did I mention green? cropped-fields-of-daisies.jpg


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