There’s Always Something New to Learn

Tomorrow morning I have my first blog with my publisher Soul Mate Publishing. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not very savvy when it comes to computer junk – especially when I have trouble understanding it. I’m learning, but just about the time I think I get it, something new comes along. I finally feel comfortable blogging from my website, but now…

As a new author with Soul Mate Publishing (SMP) I have an opportunity to promote myself and my new book on their SMP Author site. My name is there. I have a date and time. But poor Char, our blogging guru from SMP – I’m not sure how many times I’ve e-mailed her with questions. With tomorrow looming before me, I’ve already sent her four messages this morning. Even with detailed instructions, I couldn’t figure it out. I have visions of her dropping her head in her arms when she sees yet another e-mail from me. I know the feeling because I’ve done that a few times, with a few frustrated tears, before e-mailing her.

Then, thank heavens, I figured it out. I’m connected to the site through my blog. Yippee, skippy. Oh, but wait, now that I’ve figured it out, I still have questions. Do I follow the format they use for each new author or do I just do my own thing? I’m waiting for a reply to that one before I venture into another new blogging venture.

So, with a deep breath (or many, many deep breaths), and a few swipes of my sweaty hands over my pants,  I will complete my first discussion with SMP. Please go to the Soul Mate Author site  ( to catch me blabbing about myself and upcoming book.


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One response to “There’s Always Something New to Learn

  1. Linda

    You can do this!!!!!!! Go get ’em, Tina!

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