Brainstorming Can Fry the Brain

I love most parts of writing, but to me, one of the most fun is brainstorming. When I was a teacher, I loved teaching my students to brainstorm. Give me a problem with a story line and my mind just starts jumping around  faster than I can get the ideas out of my mouth. I’m not saying all the ideas are great, but the rule with brainstorming is not to reject any of them. I’ve asked for help from my writer friends, as well as offered them. It’s amazing how someone can come up with the simplest thought to change an entire story, tie things together or finish the book with a flourish.

Yesterday morning I met with a friend whom I recently found out was a closet romance writer. I’ve known her for a while and lately we have become good friends. She has helped me with some problems with one of my books now at a publisher, but she never said a word. It wasn’t until we were driving to a local craft store that she admitted she was writing a book – not only a book, but a romance. Holy cow, was I surprised – and excited.

I usually swim on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6 to 7. Yesterday I had another short appointment at 8:30, so I asked her if she wanted to meet at the coffee shop in between. She agreed and asked if I would look over what she’d written so far. It always makes me nervous when people ask me to do this. What do I say if it’s horrible? Luckily, what she’d written so far was very good. I went to my appointment and said I would come back because forty-five minutes is just not enough time to catch up on our lives and talk about writing.

Then we started brainstorming. What fun! Ideas were bouncing back and forth and like always, I’d get an idea, start saying it and then think of another one before I finished talking. A little after ten I finally said I needed to get home and get some writing done. The enjoyment of the morning and knowing she is working hard on her book stayed with me the entire day and through today. I’m hoping she will join our writer’s group and find out what happens when you get eight or nine women brainstorming – her brain may fry.

She just texted me with a new book idea. Sorry brain, here I go again!


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  1. Linda

    She’s very very lucky to have a friend like you! 🙂

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