My Writing is on the Fast Track

In March I wrote about becoming a Pro writer. In May, I blogged about setting aside my fiction for another history book. In June I talked about pitching a book idea at our annual Wisconsin Romance Writer’s conference (WisRWA). Fast forward a few months and I can combine all of the above.

These past few months have been incredible. One of our WisRWA board members approached her editor and asked if WisRWA members who became a Pro member in the past year could submit three chapters and a short, one page synopsis. The deadline was June 15th. With working on the conference, having my grandchildren more because of my daughter’s surgery, I forgot about it – until June 15th. I had my grandchildren at my house when I suddenly remember the deadline. Yikes, how was I ever going to get the chapters out with three kids running around? So I told them they had to play quietly because I had to work.

Like most people, they don’t understand the concept of my working at home. People who don’t leave the house for a job can’t possibly be working. Anyway, they played nicely. In fifteen minutes I whipped out a one page synopsis and e-mailed it along with the three, unedited chapters. I didn’t even read the three chapters. BTW, one of the requirements was that the manuscript must be finished, which mine was, just not edited.

After sending the chapters into cyberspace, I worked on the sixty pages requested by the editor at the conference. (I’ll call this one the conference book) (Are you following me?) This is a difference manuscript from the three chapters I sent off (‘ll call this one the Pro book)  Two weeks later, I receive an e-mail from the Pro-book editor. They liked what they read and wanted the full manuscript. I was so excited! When I called my husband, I couldn’t even remember which book they requested. Then I thought, which do I work on now, the Pro book or the conference boo?. A writer friend, after calming me down, said to finish the conference 60 pages and then work on editing the Pro book. I followed her advice, sent off the conference book and started working on editing the Pro book. (Still following?)

Move ahead two weeks. I opened my e-mail and low and behold a message is there from the editor for the conference book. They like what they read and want the full manuscript. Holy cow! Within two weeks, I received two requests for two different manuscripts from two different editors!

After years of writing fiction and non-fiction, I suddenly have two requested books, plus a history book to work on. Now what? It gets better, more to follow….


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