Goals Met and Not Met

The last time I blogged I said one of my goals was to blog each week. Now – here come the excuses. Each year I take one week in the fall and camp myself. My husband hauls the camper to a state campground about 30 miles from our house. I use that week for solitude and writing…and writing and writing. I’ve finished books, edited books, organized books and planned books.

Since the campground is about 20 miles from my daughter’s house, I still watch the grandkids one day during my stay. I knew I wanted to blog and not being able to get the internet at the campground, I hauled my laptop to my daughter’s with the expectation of blogging.

I set up the laptop, got my grandson down for his nap, thought about what to write (which will be next), opened my website, clicked on blog and…realized I left my password in the camper. !(@*#@(!!!  (That’s not the password.) So, I did not meet one of my goals for the month.

Now, here’s a goal I’d forgotten my husband and I made last spring that we did meet unexpectedly. There is a bike trail that runs from the campground where I stayed to another campground to the north. My husband and I have biked from both campgrounds, but never biked the entire trail. For some unknown reason we thought it would take an entire day, lots of food and plenty of stops. We could even leave one vehicle at the other end in case we decided we couldn’t make it back.

This past spring when we biked the northern part of the trail, I said we should make it a goal to get our biking legs in good enough shape to bike the entire thing in the fall. Well, with the hot, hot, hot summer, we didn’t get as much biking in as we wanted.

In August we camped at the northern campground with our daughter and family. We did some biking, but were told the bike trail was going to be redone that Monday. On Monday morning my husband and I biked about eight miles out and then back expecting we couldn’t go any further because they were starting resurfacing in the middle of the trail.

Last Sunday, we decided to bike as far as we could until we hit construction. We biked and biked and biked. All the trail markers were down, so we couldn’t tell how far we had come. (My odometer on my bike has not been working correctly.) At one point we saw a sign on an off road saying how far to the next town. That’s when we realized the trail from campground to campground is only 17 miles – and – they hadn’t started construction on the trail. So…we biked to the next campground and back. We met our goal without planning to.

The only problem with the ride was the wind. On the way up the trail, the wind, calm and fairly warm came from our side. We had a leisurely lunch (knowing now we only had 17 miles to bike) and started back. During our meal, the wind shifted, picked up speed and dropped the temperature. We usually clip along about twelve mph, but at times on the way back barely made 10, usually hit 9 and one gust of wind dropped us from 9 to 6 mph. Needless to say, it took longer to get back, we made many more stops and were very grateful to reach our truck.

But…we made our goal.


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