Goals and Excuses

Once again it has been too long since I’ve written on my blog.  Way, way too long.  Here come the excuses: Grandkids, company, grandkids, company, vacation, summer, writing and editing.

Well summer is over, company is gone and the grandkids are back in school (except for the little one whom I will start sitting tomorrow – and only one day a week). I did get a lot of writing (editing) done this summer, but not as much as I would have liked. (More about this in another blog.)

I belong to a writer’s group – a group of wonderful women who share my passion for writing and enjoy each other’s company. We meet once a month and share our personal lives as well as our writing lives. One of the things we do at each meetng is talk about our past month, what we accomplished and what we hope to accomplish in the next month.  In other words – our goals.  Each one of us set a writing goal. For some it may be 1,000 words a week, finish editing a chapter or book, flesh out new characters or if someone is having a particular time personally, it may be as simple as writing 50 words a day. Each month we cheer those who made their goal and try to help those who didn’t.  Maybe their goal was too high.  Sometimes a goal may be to simply survive the next month. A goal for one of the women (her non-writing goal) was to use ten-minute portions of time to accomplish something in her house. Amazing what can be done in ten minutes.

I reached my goal this past month (more about that in another blog). How wonderful to know I actually accomplished something I set out to do – even with life interferring.

One of my goals this month is to blog each week. No excuses – even with my annual solo camping/writing trip. I have some subjects in mind – just have to remember to write them here. So, I’ll see how I do.  I hope to be able to report my success at our meeting next month. I also hope my topics are of interest to someone out there.  Wish me luck.


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