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Just when I think I can get back to working on my fiction, I get called to do another history book.  This happens to me all the time.  I’m certainly not disappointed or complaining.  When I was told about the township that will be celebrating their centennial next year and was looking to have a book done, I felt that old excitement flow through me.  New people to interview.  New (old) pictures to pour over and scan.  New stories to write. 

I do have one history book that keeps getting shoved aside.  I started researching the township many years ago, but before I could complete it, I wrote the City of Bloomer book, the book on Norbert Ruff and the military book for the Bloomer area.  I gave myself some time to decompress from the military book and get the basement and my office back in order.  I pulled out the information on Woodmohr to see what I have, and now I’ve been asked to do Sand Creek.  Can I possibly put Woodmohr aside yet again?  I’ve been telling people it would be the next one.  Can I possibly get Woodmohr done while researching Sand Creek?  Do I want to?  YES!!!! 

So, sorry, fiction, you will be on the back burner again until I feel the need to steep my brain in fantasy and not reality.  My characters may be mad at me, but – man, I love writing those history books!


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  1. Mary

    Am quite interested in your Woodmohr project as my grandmother, who died before I was born, was from there. Good luck. The long ago people will have a voice. Great project!

    Mary Coleman

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