Romantic Times Convention Day Three

Day three and three days into being tired.  It’s amazing how just walking, talking and sitting through workshops can wear a person out.  Last night we attended two more parties.  It would be nice if the booklet for the conference told us whether we were getting food or not.  We attended a party around suppertime and figure that would be it for food for the night, so we all filled up.  The next party turned out to be a sit-down dinner.  Food was excellent, but we were full – and didn’t get to eat until nine o’clock. 

It has been interesting to watch how each morning the number of people having breakfast goes down, while the number of people dozing off in the workshops goes up.  Hmmm… 

My roommate, Beth, entered three chapters in American Idol for Authors.  Yesterday the entries (not sure how many) were whittled down to twenty-five.  Beth was a finalist.  Today the first two pages were read to the audience and panel of agents and editors.  It is interesting to see how subjective this is.  Many times I didn’t care for an entry and the judges loved it and vice-versa.  That’s why I write and am not an editor or agent.  I would probably pass on manuscripts that turned out to be best sellers.  Anyway, before the winner was announced, the head of the contest said there was a woman who didn’t final in the contest, but an agent had read the entry and offered the woman a one-book contract.  The woman was in shock.  How exciting to watch someone’s career take off.

While Beth didn’t win, three of judges requested her full manuscript, which is just as exciting.  It was an honor to be there with her. 

Tonight is two more parties, one by Heather Graham.  Once again, have no idea if there will be food, but the one before hers at least has snacks.  I was going to say the French word, but right now am too tired to remember how to spell it. 

Tomorrow is the humungous book sale.  We think we are going to pass.  I have trouble with crowds, and an additional 1,000 people crammed into the book sale room is beyond what I can handle.  It is also a day for teenagers to come and meet their favorite authors complete with parties.  Think I’ll pass on that, too.

What I will attend is a special party honoring veterans.  We will also spend the morning going through the piles and piles of books, bookmarks and “junk” we have received and figure out what we want to ship home and what we will try to haul in our suitcases. 

Time to head out for party 1.


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