Romantic Times Convention Day 2

It is now Day two of the Romantic Times Convention in Chicago. Yesterday was so busy, I didn’t have a chance to blog. This is such a great conference. At the end of the day I had at least 30 free books, a punk hat, punk shirt, great pair of sweatpants, too many bookmarks and other freebies to count. I’ve met so many wonderful authors, booksellers and readers – not to mention the male models roaming around. Yowza!!!!! We attended three parties last night and still managed to be in our room by 10:00. I wish I were younger!

Not to make it sound like this is one big party, the workshops we have been to have been quite helpful, but today I’m so tired I can’t remember what I’ve heard and my handwriting is so sloppy, I can’t read what I’ve written.

Today have received about ten free books so far. At lunch we each were given feather boas. I feel sorry for the employees of the hotel as there are feathers everywhere – on the stairs, in the elevators, in the hallways – and all over my sweater. I was going to bring it home for my grandkids, but I don’t think my daughter would appreciate the mess. And there is no way I’m taking it to my house.

This afternoon are more workshops and tonight more parties. Two more days to go…


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