I can’t believ…

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve written anything on my blog.  So much has been going on that the time just flew away in the windy spring we’ve been having.  Eight weeks ago we started a project that is finally nearing completion – a finished basement (at least half finished), complete with real, separate offices for us.  Packing our old, temporary rooms, moving furniture, computers and hopefully keeping out what we would need for the next “three weeks,” was a project in itself.  I have been on the main floor in a little room above the open stairwell to the basement.  Poor Al was shoved into the other side of the basement surrounded by furniture, boxes, construction equipment and total mess while trying to do taxes during the evenings and weekends.  I “attempted” to write, create brochures, pay bills amidst sawming, hammering and dust.  Oh, man, the dust.  Each morning I wiped off the counters in the kitchen only to have them covered in less than an hour.  I was constantly wiping off my laptops, books and printers. The worse noise was the tile saw.  Even music blaring through my headphones didn’t mask the screech.  Today the elecricians are here and I am anxiously awaiting their departure so I can move back in my new office – complete with walls, doors, overhead lights and a storage closet for all my books and research materials.

We did get away on a short five-day vacation to Puerto Rico – which in hindsight was not a good idea.  Although we had a good time, it put both of us behind in our work – especially Al.  April 17th is just around the corner.  Our trip home was “interesting” with three flight changes in Puerto Rico, luggage going who knows where and an unexpected over-night stay in Philly.  During this – can’t even think of a word to describe the trip home except to say I was nearly in tears a few times – I developed an eye infection.  Just think how wonderful I must have looked.  Red, puffy eyes from lack of sleep.  Red, puffy, gunky eyes nearly pasted shut from the infection.  No makeup.  No shower.  No luggage.  I chanced a look in the mirror and hoped I didn’t scare any little children (or adults) from ever flying again.  And, of course, our flight from Philly to Minneapolis was delayed.  By this time, all we could do was look at each other (I mainly squinted), and laugh. 

After this trip from you-know-where, I was anxious to get home – and to see our new, finished (so they promised) basement.  We were greeted by more banging, pounding and dust. Patience is not one of my virtues, but at this point I just gave up and decided when it was done, it was done. So,  hopefully by this weekend we will have everything wiped off and put back in place.

The rest of the month included painting walls, sealing grout, building shelves, subbing, giving speeches, watching my grandkids and finding out I lost some vision in one of my eyes.  The eye doctor said it had nothing to do with the eye infection, it was just a coincidence they happened at the same time.  So after nine years of good vision (had lasik) I am back to wearing glasses for distance.  Now when we go for a walk, I will be able to tell if that animal in the field is a deer, horse or a cow not to mention being able to read road signs before I’m practically on top of them. 

The electricians just left.  So now, with bucket and rag in hand, I will clean, clean, clean and start moving into my new office.  I will probably wear out the furniture sliders, but I am waiting for no man to help me get my furniture into place.  Wish me luck.


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April 5, 2012 · 3:01 pm

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