Never Mix Technology.

It’s been a little over two weeks now since my new website was up and I did my first blog.  Last week I met with my Thuy, my web designer, to learn how to use the site.  Friday I tried to follow my scribbly notes. Saturday I did the same.   They just didn’t jive with what I found on the computer.  Finally, the web gods must have aligned in my favor because this afternoon (Sunday) I was actually able to figure out what to do – I think.  If this shows up on Facebook, I’ll know I was successful.

I was so excited about finally being up-to-date with all the social media sites.  And then I opened one of my writer’s magazines the other day and read an article entitled:  “Five Online Marketing Tools You’ve Never Heard Of.”  Of course I’ve never heard of them – I’m a baby at this stuff.   So – now I’m behind and I just got started.  Now I know how a turtle felt in the race against the rabbit.  Maybe I’ll win in the end.

I’ve learned several things since jumping into the future.  One is – DO NOT get a new cell phone the same week you get a new website.  Too many techie things to learn at once.  Going from a standard cell phone to a Droid has been a true lesson in patience.  For instance – HOW DO I ANSWER THE DARN THING!!!!  I thought I had it figured out, but suddenly kept losing calls as I tried to get out of sleep mode and then unlock it.  Very frustrating – especially while one of my granddaughters was in the hospital and I needed to stay in touch with my daughter.  I finally asked my son-in-law what to do.  Of course he knew.  My grandchildren could have figured it out.  I had my daughter set up my Facebook account on the phone.  It took me a week to gather the courage to download my first app and now actually have tried it twice.  Still haven’t figured out how to find songs to use as my ringtones.  I’m worried I bought the wrong plan and will be racking up hundreds of dollars of time on the phone.  Occasionally I’ll press a button to see what it is, only to panic when I see a notice that this will take a lot of data.  Do I accept or not accept.  NOT!  Then I worry that it downloaded anyway.  My children were less worrisome than this phone.

I tried taking a movie of my four-year-old granddaughter’s dance class.  Somehow I got the beginning and the end – nothing in the middle.  I even practiced with her beforehand.  Next time, Emmi.  The photos I’ve taken so far have all been blurry and I love taking pictures and take a lot of them with my regular camera.

I know I’ll get the hang of it – probably by the time I get to upgrade to whatever will be available two years from now.  Until then, I’ll plod along like the proverbial turtle and keep asking questions.

Note:  Monday morning:  I guess I didn’t do it right as this blog didn’t publish.  Guess that’s what the publish button is for!!!


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